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MEXC to open trading for CoreDAO/USDT pair in the innovation zone having confirmed Airdrop date

Angela Beckham
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The CORE community is being informed that MEXC will list Core (CORE) in the Innovation Zone and begin trading for the CORE/USDT trading pair on February 8th, 2023 at 12:00. (UTC).

The Mexc exchange tweeted, “MARK YOUR CALENDARS 📆 MEXC will list @Coredao_Org in the Innovation Zone and open trading for the $CORE/USDT trading pair. 🔹Deposit: Opened. 🔹CORE/USDT Trading: 12:00 Feb 8 (UTC)”

When trading begins, all CORE users worldwide will be able to deposit and exchange their $Core on Mexc. Those who don’t yet have an account can sign up right away on MEXC, then download the app, login, and do KYC (proof of identity) right away.

A 2.1 billion total supply EVM-compatible L1 chain makes up the core. The network is protected by a cutting-edge consensus process known as “Satoshi Plus,” which secures the network using a combination of delegated BTC mining hash and delegated proof of stake. Core offers the composability of an EVM chain along with the security and decentralization of Bitcoin. dealing with the blockchain trilemma.

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