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Meet the Indonesian Student who makes $1 million selling selfie pictures on OpenSea

T.I Ukende
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Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali

A 22-year-old understudy named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, has had the option to take advantage of the NFT furor, turning into a tycoon. He had the option to do as such by posting selfies of himself as a NFT on the biggest NFT commercial center, OpenSea and sold them for benefit.

Al Ghozali is an Indonesian understudy, concentrating on Computer Science, and situated in Semarang, the capital and biggest city of Central Java area in Indonesia. He has had the option to change over and sell almost 1,000 selfie pictures as NFTs.

As indicated by him, he took photographs of himself for quite some time, between the ages of 18 and 22, as a method for thinking back on his graduation venture. He afterward changed over these selfies into NFTs and transferred them to OpenSea in December 2021.

Ghozali selfies were taken sitting or remaining before his PC, which was subsequently changed over into NFTs and transferred to OpenSea. The craftsman set the cost for each NFT selfie at $3 without anticipating interest from genuine purchasers.

While adapting his dull pictures, Ghozali expressed, “You can do anything like flipping or whatever however kindly don’t manhandle my photographs or my folks will be exceptionally frustrated in me. I trust in you folks so kindly deal with my photographs.”

Starting today, there are 933 NFTs selfies transferred by Ghozali, with 489 proprietors. The assortment has exchanged a volume of 333 ETH, which at the present cost of $3,325 per token, it carries the all out volume to $1,107,225. From posting at any rate cost of 0.001ETH or $3, his assortment presently has a story cost of 0.18 ETH ($598.50).

Conflicting with his most stunning assumptions, Ghozali’s NFT offering exploded as conspicuous individuals from Crypto Twitter showed support by buying and advertising the contributions. A client, Arnold Poernomo, tweeted a picture of his assortment and inscribed it, “Ghozali occurred… the extended time of Gozali @Ghozali_Ghozalu.”

He likewise adds a hint of personalization by furnishing some foundation data alongside the selfies, which adds to the uncommonness of the NFT selfie. Because of a Twitter client, who made one of his NFTs as his profile picture, he expressed, “each #NFT photograph I take has a story behind. This photograph was taken during the second crown antibody.”

Regardless of the new drowsy presentation of the generally crypto market, the NFT commercial center and blockchain gaming industry keeps on recording high exchange volumes. DappRadar information shows that the quantity of UAW associated with Ethereum NFT DApps developed by 43% since Q3 2021. Moreover, the cash created by NFT exchanging went from $10.7 billion Q3 2021 to $11.9 billion in the initial ten days of 2022.

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