LUMI CURRENCY: Diaspora Central Bank to be established in the six regions of Africa

LUMI CURRENCY: Diaspora Central Bank to be established in the six regions of Africa

The Eco-6 region has just announced plans to build Diaspora Central Bank in all the six regions of Africa soon.

Chief Timothy McPherson has said, it’s necessary to build the Diaspora Central Bank in all regions of Africa to foster the economic growth of the African regions.

This development will enhance the popularity and supply of the Lumi Currency in all the African regions. The Lumi Currency will erase Africa’s debt and alleviate poverty by almost 60% and encourage free trade in the Continent.

The Lumi Currency stimulus was actually rolled out by decree from Queen Sheba the III for the following reseans;

1. To create popularity for the newly adopted currency. Every new currency needs popularity and must be accepted by people for it to succeed.

2. To alleviate poverty: Statistically, Africa has the highest poverty rate in the world. So the new currency has the capability to uplift vulnerable Africans out of poverty.

3. To encourage trade: The African Continental Free Trade Zone needs Lumi Currency as Africa’s single currency because the Lumi Currency has the highest value compared to all the fiat currencies in Africa.

The establishment of the Diaspora Central Bank will make the supply and exchange of Lumi easy and accessible.

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