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KAP movie academy in collaboration with Mastercard set train youth Film making

T.I Ukende
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KAP Film and Television Academy, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works, has announced the opening of applications for its training in film and television production.

The Application, which is now open to young men and women between the ages of 20 and 35 across Nigeria, is targeted at people passionate about film and television production. Over the next three years, a total of 300,000 young Nigerians will be trained under this initiative.

Interested individuals can apply to register by visiting the KAP Academy website beginning from Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

The registration and application opening follows last October’s official announcement of the landmark partnership between KAP Academy and Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works.

According to the statement signed by film director Kunle Afolayan, the selection process will take into consideration a gender balance ratio to allow for adequate participation of women.

Afolayan further noted that 40% of candidates to be selected would be drawn from young women and men from low-income backgrounds. Successful programme applicants will become the first set of beneficiaries in the training scheme that will formally commence in May 2022.

“The academy is focused on growing the next generation of skilled filmmakers through the tutelage of veterans and film professionals who provide hands-on experience in diverse aspects of filmmaking to enrolled students,” he stated.

For successful candidates, the training will include ‘The Masterclass Series’ and two levels of certification from professional institutions in the areas of screenwriting, sound, editing, directing, cinematography and production design, among others, as well as practical hands-on training.

The KAP Academy will be leveraging smartphone technology for the training as teaching will be conducted through a learning app.

The Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works initiative aims to enable 30 million young people, particularly young women across Africa, to access dignified work. To ensure inclusivity, free tuition and smartphone devices will be offered to students from less privileged backgrounds as part of the support to ensure young people enrolled in the programme have access to the tools required for digital learning.

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