JUST IN: Market Spotter buying Pi Coin? How legit could this be?

Following the Pi Network trend, Market Spotter, a top-tier trading indicator, recently declared that “it will be buying as much Pi Coin as possible.” On social media, this caused a lot of bewilderment, especially among those who thought that, if they were serious, such a move may mark the biggest revolutionary experience since the project’s launch in 2019.

The statement was tweeted on its verified Twitter account, and based on their earlier tweets, it appears that Market Spotter only recently started tweeting about Pi Network probably when it began to trend.


Since the Pi Network is still in its enclosed mainnet phase, it cannot be converted into fiat. Market Spotter may choose to use the P2P window for such transactions. However, it’s unclear whether Market Spotter would prefer to use the Pi token listed on exchanges as IOU.

What is Market Spotter?

Market Spotter is a Trend Indicator that generates entry and exit signals by determining the market’s trend strength and direction. It also continuously recognizes changing levels of support and resistance while also presenting percentages between the levels.

It is an indicator that aims to capitalize on market trends and pivot points while indicating unbiased entry and exit opportunities.

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