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JUST IN: CORE DAO integrates withdrawal feature on CORE Satoshi App; says users can withdraw token using other crypto wallets

Angela Beckham
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CORE DAO has reportedly integrated the withdrawal feature on its Core Satoshi App so that users can be able to withdraw their mined core tokens to others crypto wallets of their choice such as  MetaMask.

Users will be able to fully control their tokens due to the withdrawal option, especially after having them in other wallets.

The first batch of users that link their addresses and seek asset withdrawal will be processed by February 6th, according to a blog post by the project’s development team. The post reads in part:

CORE withdrawal function is now open, you can claim your token by linking wallet address. App will process the first batch of users with linked addresses on UTC February 6th, please claim your token as soon as possible before this timeline to avoid any delays.”

With the feature, Core holders/miners can transfer their tokens to a supported crypto wallet like Metamask.

What is CORE DAO?

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. It gives a chance for miners to have access to new sources of income by adding hash power to the chain. Core exhibits a strong appreciation for the past of the crypto ecosystem along with an even larger excitement for Core’s role in its future, inspired by the tenets of both blockchains.

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