Jim Cramer reportedly advises investors to urgently liquidate all of their cryptocurrency holdings

The cryptoverse has received a lot of criticism since it first emerged. Numerous government representatives explained how Bitcoin [BTC] was the dark web’s currency. But it soon became apparent that BTC was much more than that as time went on.

Some people gradually warmed up to the industry while others remained skeptics. The host of “Mad Money” on CNBC, Jim Cramer, has frequently discussed his love-hate connection with cryptocurrencies. He advised all investors to stay away from assets, including cryptocurrency, back on August 31.

He just appeared on CNBC on December 6 and gave investors the advice to liquidate all of their cryptocurrency holdings. Now that Jim Cramer has returned, he wants to talk about cryptocurrencies with everyone.

Jim Cramer offered his “two cents” on cryptocurrencies when discussing how to display the pricing of various cryptocurrencies on CNBC.

“This thing or these different prices, like we put up XRP, Solana, and Dogecoin. Those are all I believe cons. Why don’t we put up like a bunch of stocks that are valued at the same size.”

The cryptocurrency markets were still in trouble in 2022, but they had made progress toward realizing their full potential. The bear markets that have followed the TerraUST and Luna crashes, which reduced their prices to zero, have been brutal and terrible. After the crisis, many prominent cryptocurrencies were still in grave danger, and the aftermath from FTX further rattled the markets.

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