How to make passive income on Amazon KDP; be rest assured to make at least $500 to $1k per month

The Internet has been on fire for a while now because it seems Amazon has resurfaced the internet. Everyone wants to earn monthly royalties. The idea of just writing little to no content and earning so much is mind-blowing.

If you can read and write simple English you can make between 500 – 1,000 dollars on Amazon KDP monthly.

What is Amazon KDP and how does it work?

Amazon allows you self publish books eBooks, paperbacks and hard cover books for free. You are allowed to create products details page for your book.

You write your book and put it out there for millions of people allover the world to see, buy and read. I had a friend who made about $2,000 dollars from Amazon as a writer. He was just a normal , casual guy and he wasn’t even a writer surprisingly.

He heard about it like you already did or just did and decided to give it a trial but shortly after he dived into it, he withdrew and said : I need to be more prepared.

He stepped out of Amazon and got every knowledge he could. He invested in himself Academically and knowledge wise. He stepped into the platform Again and this time he was prepared.

He made Quality paperback and hardcover books. He used Excellent titles and High value workings and he began to teach others:-

When you teach someone else or people, you develop higher self-efficacy and productive beliefs about yourself as competent a learner. You also practice valuable social skills on how to communicate with others.

His journey of success started Quite slowish and he had a hard time but finally, he scaled through and began to scale through excellently.

You can also do well in Amazon and yes! You don’t have to be a writer. Creating an Amazon KDP account costs nothing. Go to your chrome or browser and search create a KDP account Fill in your information, verify your Account. You will necessarily need a Payoneer U.S or U.K account for payment because Amazon only pays in dollars.

You can easily create a payoneer account using your phone.Want to know how? Search your YouTube how to create a payoneer account. It takes an hour maximum and 24hrs to 48hrs for verification of Payoneer account but may prolonged if it needs to.

Be intentional about your Amazon journey and don’t forget to be consistent. Books Based on religion/ spirituality , food/cooking, business and money may be the best selling books at this time. Best of lucks friend.

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