How to login on the new Swifin Community Portal

The Swifin digital platform recently announced the migration of its portal to a new and more advanced platform where they assured Users better service delivery.

The new platform is a community where users can interact with other Beneficiaries or users, asked questions and if answers would not be provided by other users, the support team may help in such a case.

Migrating to the new portal will in no way affect your Lumi account, rather you have everything in the same place. You can post your opinion or questions and other users will supply answers or views as regards your opinion.

How do I login on the new portal?

It’s simple, your Swifin login details are not allowed on the login page but may be required as you land in your profile. 

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You are required to create a new account on this community, you can use same informations as used on the Swifin App or the former platform after which an activation link is sent to your email. You are required to login in your email and click on the activation link. Once this is done, you are good to go.

Editing your profile

Once you are in your profile, tap the avatar image and upload your picture. Supply your Swifin Account ID (to link your account with this new community). Another wallet is automatically created for you once you sign up. You are also requested to copy your wallet ID and paste in the space provided.

After this you can begin to post your opinions or questions in the community in order to get help from other users.

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