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Hamster Kombat Reaches 150 Million Users on Telegram, Promising July Token Airdrop

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You open your Telegram app and see that Hamster Kombat has reached 150 million users, promising a token airdrop this July. This game sensation has grown 50% in just one week, meaning almost one in five Telegram users have now signed up to grow their hamster’s imaginary crypto exchange. With rewards of real crypto, it’s no wonder the game is attracting huge interest within Telegram. The announcements channel is the app’s most popular by far, with over 35 million subscribers. It seems Hamster Kombat is fueled by the success of its predecessor, Notcoin, which won loyal fans with its own lucrative airdrop last month. Now at a $2 billion market cap, Notcoin has shown the potential for these Telegram games to create valuable cryptocurrencies. You wonder if you should join the hamster craze before the next airdrop.

Hamster Kombat Explodes in Popularity, Hits 150 Million Users

Massive Growth in a Short Period

Within a remarkably short period, Hamster Kombat has attained an enormous player base. According to the game’s developers, the number of users has surged by 50% in just one week, increasing from 100 million to 150 million players. This exponential growth suggests that interest in the game is intensifying rapidly. At this pace, Hamster Kombat could soon dominate Telegram, which currently has 500 million monthly active users.

Popularity Fueled by Promised Crypto Rewards

Hamster Kombat’s popularity appears to be largely driven by the promise of cryptocurrency rewards for players. By accumulating points within the game, players can qualify for an eventual “airdrop” of Hamster Kombat tokens. The game’s developers have stated that this airdrop is planned for July, fueling anticipation. The model of offering crypto tokens as an incentive for gameplay is one that has proven highly effective, as demonstrated by the success of Notcoin, a predecessor game.

Mainstream Attention and Momentum

In addition to its huge Telegram following, Hamster Kombat has garnered substantial mainstream attention and momentum. Its YouTube channel has over 23 million subscribers, and its Twitter account has 7.7 million followers. This degree of popularity and visibility gives the game considerable legitimacy and suggests that interest extends well beyond the Telegram platform. With major hype building around the upcoming token airdrop, Hamster Kombat appears poised to continue its meteoric rise.

The Road Ahead

Hamster Kombat has achieved a scale and level of success that seemed unimaginable just months ago. However, the game now faces significant challenges in sustaining its growth and keeping players engaged over the long term. Much will depend on the reception of the planned token airdrop and whether the game can continue offering incentives and new features that match players’ evolving interests. If Hamster Kombat can navigate this critical period successfully, it may cement its status as a pioneer in the promising new domain of crypto gaming.

How Hamster Kombat Became Telegram’s Biggest Game

Hamster Kombat’s meteoric rise to become Telegram’s most popular game and one of the world’s fastest-growing crypto phenomena can be attributed to several factors. ###Incentivizing Growth First and foremost, Hamster Kombat incentivized exponential user growth by promising future crypto token rewards to players based on points and achievements within the game. This model, which proved hugely successful with Notcoin, Hamster Kombat’s spiritual predecessor, taps into people’s desire to get in on the ground floor of a potentially lucrative crypto project.


Secondly, as an in-app Telegram game, Hamster Kombat requires no download and is instantly accessible to Telegram’s 700 million users. This plug-and-play model allowed the game to spread through Telegram’s networks like wildfire.

Viral Marketing

Hamster Kombat also employed a viral marketing strategy focused on building hype through social media. The game’s channels on Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter have amassed tens of millions of followers in mere months, demonstrating the power of viral growth marketing in the social media age.

Appealing Gameplay

Finally, Hamster Kombat features simple yet appealing gameplay that lends itself well to a mobile messaging app. Players can quickly and easily grow their hamster’s crypto exchange between messages, with the promise of real rewards sustaining their interest over time.

With an incentivized growth model, mass accessibility, viral marketing, and appealing gameplay, Hamster Kombat crafted the perfect storm for exponential success within Telegram. The game’s achievements highlight how crypto-based mobile games could shape the future of gaming, social media, and blockchain technology. Overall, Hamster Kombat’s record-breaking rise serves as a case study in growth hacking and the spread of crypto to mainstream audiences.

Hamster Kombat’s Upcoming Token Airdrop in July

As an astute player of Hamster Kombat, you have likely been anticipating the promised token airdrop set to occur next month. According to recent announcements from the developers, the airdrop will distribute tokens to players based on the points and levels accumulated within the game.

How Points and Levels Translate to Airdrop Rewards

While the exact formula for distributing tokens remains undisclosed, the developers have indicated that players at higher levels and with more points accrued will receive greater allocations of tokens. The airdrop aims to reward dedicated players who have invested substantial time progressing in the game.

How to Maximize Your Airdrop Allocation

To receive the maximum token allocation in the upcoming airdrop, focus your efforts on increasing your points and leveling up your account as much as possible before the drop occurs. Some key strategies for boosting your points and level include:

-Logging in daily to claim bonus points and complete daily quests. The daily bonuses and quests provide easy ways to gain points that compound over time.

-Recruiting new players to join the game using your referral code. For each new player that joins with your code and reaches Level 5, you will receive a bonus of 5,000 points. With over 150 million users, the potential to earn points through referrals is significant.

-Purchasing the Battle Pass to unlock additional quests and rewards. The Battle Pass provides the opportunity to earn extra points and level up faster through the completion of exclusive quests and milestones. The additional investment in the Battle Pass may translate to a larger airdrop allocation.

-Leveling up your hamster by gaining experience points in matches against other players. Winning matches, especially against higher level opponents, will provide experience points to help quickly increase your level.

By diligently employing these strategies over the coming month, you will maximize your chances of receiving the largest possible token allocation in the eagerly anticipated airdrop. The airdrop has the potential to be an enormously lucrative event, and with some consistent effort, you can position yourself to benefit substantially from this opportunity. Stay tuned for further details about the exact date and details of the upcoming token airdrop.

The Success of Predecessor Notcoin Fuels Hamster Kombat Growth

The stratospheric rise of Hamster Kombat can be attributed in large part to the success of Notcoin, a previous crypto-centric game launched within Telegram that rewarded dedicated players with a lucrative token airdrop. Notcoin amassed a devoted following of users intent on accumulating points in the hopes of receiving the game’s native NOT token. When Notcoin distributed NOT tokens to players on May 16th, the value of the tokens surged, reaching a market capitalization of over $2 billion within a week of the airdrop.

Massive Interest in Potential Rewards

The enthusiastic reception of Notcoin’s airdrop demonstrated the potential for Telegram-based crypto games to generate substantial interest by offering players the possibility of receiving valuable blockchain-based assets. Hamster Kombat was quick to capitalize on this interest, promoting the eventual distribution of its own native token to players who accumulate points within the game. The mere promise of this future airdrop has proven enough to propel Hamster Kombat to over 150 million users, constituting 20% of Telegram’s total user base.

Explosive Growth Across Platforms

Hamster Kombat’s popularity has spread rapidly beyond Telegram alone. The game’s announcements channel is now Telegram’s most followed channel, with over 35 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Hamster Kombat’s YouTube channel has amassed 23 million subscribers, and its Twitter account has over 7.7 million followers. This breakneck growth across platforms in such a short period of time demonstrates the intense enthusiasm for the opportunities Hamster Kombat represents.

The momentum behind Hamster Kombat reveals the potent allure of blockchain-based rewards and the desire of many within Telegram’s vast user base to participate in the potential upsides of cryptocurrency. By following the blueprint established by Notcoin, Hamster Kombat has swiftly become a global cultural phenomenon and cryptocurrency sensation. The eventual airdrop of Hamster Kombat’s native token is sure to only accelerate this trend further.

Hamster Kombat’s Massive Social Media Presence on YouTube and Twitter

Hamster Kombat’s success across channels has fueled engagement and interest in the crypto game. As of July 2022, Hamster Kombat’s announcements channel on Telegram has amassed over 35 million subscribers, making it the most popular channel on the messaging app.


Hamster Kombat’s YouTube channel currently has 23 million subscribers and growing. The channel regularly posts gameplay videos, updates, and announcements to keep players engaged and informed. The gameplay videos, in particular, garner millions of views and introduce new players to the game in an entertaining way. With the impending token airdrop, the YouTube channel will likely see a surge in new subscribers hoping to stay up-to-date with the latest news and rewards.


On Twitter, Hamster Kombat has over 7.7 million followers. The Twitter account posts much of the same content as the YouTube channel but in a more condensed format suitable for the platform. Tweets regarding the token airdrop and other rewards often go viral, bringing more attention and users to the game. Hamster Kombat’s social media team engages heavily with followers by liking and retweeting their tweets, running giveaways and contests, and responding to questions and feedback. This high level of community engagement has been instrumental to the game’s success and popularity.

The exponential growth of Hamster Kombat’s social media following indicates sustained interest and hype surrounding the crypto game. By utilizing YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram to spread news, updates, and rewards, Hamster Kombat has built a highly engaged player base of over 150 million people in a short period of time. The impending token airdrop is sure to drive even more traffic to Hamster Kombat’s social channels and fuel further growth. Overall, Hamster Kombat’s social media strategy has been key to establishing it as a dominant player in the world of crypto gaming. Continue Reading

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