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Ghanian Pioneers have taken to streets to create more awareness for Pi Network in the west African country

Angela Beckham
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Ghanian pioneers have taken to street to create more awareness for the novel cryptocurrency project to the people so as to increase the number of miners in the country.

The level of Pi Network awareness in Ghana is still relatively low. Although the network has been gaining traction in the country, it is not yet widely known. As of April 2021, the estimated number of Pi Network Pioneers in Ghana is around 10,000.

This explains why it is necessary for the pioneers in that country to create awareness among the people, considering the entire population of 34,121,985 as at 2023, a 1.93% increase from 2022. Because, every little effort is appreciated in Pi ecosystem.

Creating Pi network awareness on the street is a great way to spread the word about the project and help grow the user base. It is also a great way to connect with local people who may be interested in the project and can provide valuable feedback. Additionally, it can help to create a sense of community and encourage collaboration between users. Finally, it can help to raise the profile of the project and increase its visibility.

General Importance of Pi Network Awareness

The importance of Pi Network awareness is that:

  • It helps to spread knowledge about the cryptocurrency and its associated technology.
  • This awareness can help to create a more informed and engaged user base, which can lead to increased adoption and usage of the cryptocurrency.
  • Furthermore, increased awareness can help to create a more secure and reliable network, as users are more likely to understand the risks associated with using the cryptocurrency and be better equipped to protect their funds.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a novel cryptocurrency and developer platform that allows mobile users to mine Pi coins without draining the device’s battery. Pi’s blockchain secures economic transactions via a mobile meritocracy system and a full Web3 experience where community developers can build decentralized applications (dApps) for millions of users.

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