GCV halted as PiCoin begins trading pair on XT.COM; check out new rate

PiCoin’s projected value was halted on its first official listing on the XT.COM trading pair platform, leaving pioneers unhappy. According to reports, today (December 29) will go down in history as the day when Pi Network’s native coin, $Pi, launches on an exchange platform.

Although Pi can be traded with its trading partner Tether (USDT), the GCV of the coin has never been known on XT.COM. The pegged value for $Pi, which immediately increased by 37900%, is currently trading at $19 (at the time of filling this report).

A screenshot of the value of PiCoin despite a +37900% surge

The pair that was launched is classified as “To Be Determined” and is not available for deposits or withdrawals. Buyers of Pi should be cautious due to price fluctuation. Up until the introduction of the Open Mainnet of the Pi Network, which has not yet been set, deposits and withdrawals are unlikely to occur.

The first centralized exchange to list Pi currency is XT.com. The relocation represents a hugely important milestone for the Pi Network community.

The back Story

The hotly contested Global Consensus Value (GCV), which chatroom moderators have branded a scam, has been the focus of a trending argument regarding the value of $Pi, with the vast majority of users subscribing to it.

The estimated value of $314,159 for PiCoin, which was incorrectly derived from the mathematical constant for π, was shown by economists to be impossible to achieve.

If a token is utilized widely, its value might soar. This is because the total supply of the vast majority of cryptocurrencies is finite, and rising demand causes prices to grow directly.

What other requirements need to be met, though, before the general public completely adopts cryptocurrencies? One is the degree to which cryptocurrencies can be utilized in daily life or the variety of establishments that take them as payment. If a cryptocurrency has a use case in everyday life equivalent to today’s fiat currencies, it will be in a very good position to potentially play a large role in the future.

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