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Full-time Employment, Part-time job, Seasonal employment and Temporary job; Only this makes them different from each other

T.I Ukende
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“Being employed is the state of having a paid job.”

There are four types of employment , Full time employment is the type which a person works a speculated amount of time placed by the employer , examples include, Web designer, writer, software engineer, database Architect, financial analyst, customer Care representative and many others. 

A job seeker who just passed an interview and is offered a job

Part time employment, this type of employment takes few hours per week than a full time job. Although there is not a specific number of hours that a part time or full time job, but a full time job usually takes 35 hours or more a week. Examples of part time jobs include bartenders, tour guide, a nanny or delivery person. 

Seasonal employment is temporary jobs that comes around the same time every year, most companies that employ seasonal workers have more customers during a specific time of the year that year that their products are more marketable. Example of this seasonal employment periods or venues includes; Christmas holidays: during this time food, clothes are in massive demand as such those companies require workers just for the season because of increase in supply and demand. 

“Holiday or vacation season need employees for outdoor recreational locations and resorts.” 

Temporary employment is a situation where workers are needed only for a specific period of time either to cover up for absent employees, those who are on maternity leave or generally on leave due to family crisis or personal crisis. 

Pros and cons of being a part time and full time employee. 

The advantage of working a part time job as a student is that it gives extra cash but it could put a strain on a student’s education and make one loose focus. A full time job on the other hand won’t give room for your own creative ideas and it would be difficult for one to start their own business since you’re working for someone else.

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