Five skills to skip learning as AIs does them perfectly and helps you save time

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made enormous breakthroughs in recent months, and its application has increased dramatically, particularly after the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Even while it could be prudent to begin planning for an AI-ruled society, results are frequently exaggerated and AI capabilities are overstated.

Due to the ease with which skills can be automated, people are afraid of an unpredictable future in which they run the danger of losing their jobs, stability, and value in society. But, in order for AI to operate successfully, human cooperation and occasionally intervention will always be required.

“We don’t want to be completely over-reliant on AIs in the future, because what happens if the next virus is not the coronavirus but a massive computer virus that basically renders all our computers and destroys or locks all our computer systems?” Bernard Marr, a futurist and internationally best-selling author, told Euronews Next.

Despite the fact that AI is not anticipated to perfectly imitate human talents, it is getting better at repeating simple, robotic tasks.

This can help people save time and give them more room to experiment with using unique human qualities like imagination and creativity.

Five skills to skip learning as AIs does them perfectly and helps you save time

1. Art Design

AI-powered technologies can help with tasks like creating graphics, creating layouts, and optimizing color schemes, which can reduce the amount of manual design effort.

There are pioneers employing AI to develop their style and skill, despite claims that doing so is not artistic.

For instance, a photographer who amassed thousands of followers on Instagram for his exquisite photos later acknowledged that the images were actually produced by the AI program Midjourney and then edited in Photoshop.

2. Video Editing

By automatically choosing and putting together the best photos, adding transitions, and changing audio levels, AI-powered editing tools can help users who have no prior editing knowledge.

It can also support initiatives like color correction, video stabilization, and image retouching. In order to help consumers see their finished work, AI systems can also produce previews.

3. Writing

Simple reports, news stories, and other content can be created using natural language generation technologies in AI.

As AI language capabilities develop, it will replace some human writing tasks by summarizing data, offering suggestions, and sparking ideas.

Employees currently use chatbots like ChatGPT to produce information pertinent to their jobs, such as job descriptions for human resources departments.

According to Reuters, some people are even earning extra money by writing and selling various types of books and material on Amazon using AI.

4. Data Analysis

AI can swiftly analyze enormous amounts of data, finding patterns and insights that humans might miss or misinterpret, which may result in better decision-making.

“Now, we have AI that can easily browse through our data, analyze it, find trends, and perform some of the analysis on our behalf. Thus, it can do fundamental financial accounting functions, according to Marr, who spoke to Euronews Next.

5. Data Entry

In five to ten years, it’s likely that data entry and processing will be automated. According to Imane Adel, executive vice president of strategy at Paymob, “machine learning algorithms can input data faster and more precisely than humans.

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology and other machine learning techniques have made it possible for AI to recognize and turn printed or handwritten text into digital data, decreasing manual errors and gaining crucial time.

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