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Five most performed Pi Network ecosystem utility Applications in 2022

Grace Owell
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The figures show that Pi Network has expanded remarkably quickly. Over 2 million people follow the project on Twitter, and it has over 40 million users mining Pi on its testnet. Since Pi2Day (June 28th, 2022), the Pi Core Team has made major strides in developing the infrastructures and parts required for Mainnet migration, mass KYC, ecosystem creation, and eventually getting ready for the upcoming Mainnet period.

Pi Network is at a crucial juncture in the development of the Enclosed Mainnet; in this article, we’ll look at some initiatives that are establishing communities on Pi Network and others attempting to ensure the success of the mainnet debut.

1. PiBridge

Pi Bridge is a mainnet project that aims to provide a DeFi bridge to the Pi Network, as well as a bridge to the BNB Chain.

PiBridge is a hybrid gateway that dissolves the barrier separating the Pi network from other blockchains, making Pi approachable and available to the general public and providing the Pi community with a new flexible and transparent financial tool.

The team behind PiBridge is working to open the gateway that will link Pi and other blockchains, allowing data to flow and Pi holders to freely move between the networks. They are doing this out of faith in the future value of Pi and its connectivity. This is another pre-opened opportunity for Pi holders to profit from the asset’s worth.

To enable interaction between Pi holders and other digital assets on BSC, PiBridge will issue Wrapped Pi (WPI) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The bridge will be expanded to connect to other expansive networks.

2. PiChain Mall

PiChainMall is an online market place or e-commerce portal where information about goods or services is offered by numerous third parties. Online marketplaces are the most common kind of multichannel ecommerce and may be used to optimize the production process, just like any other digital mall.

3. PiScrow

Similar to a traditional escrow, Piscrow is a platform where PiCoin is first held on behalf of two additional parties who are carrying out a transaction. Before the Pi amount is released to the seller, each party must confirm that the transaction has been completed.

4. Pi-INU

The Pi Network meme coin Pi-INU is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The “Pi” in Pi-INU stands for the Pi-network, and the platform aspires to serve as a bridge between it and Binance Smart Chain. The ecosystem of the Pi-network will serve as a middleman that permits mutual tradings once it is completely developed.

2. PiCare

PiCare allows Pioneers to report defects in Pi apps, took first place in the Pi Network’s 2021 Hackathon.

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