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FG finally proscribed herdsmen and bandits as terrorists and has recorded in the national gazette

T.I Ukende
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Group of bandits walking on a bush path. Image Credit: nairametrics.com

The Federal Government of Nigeria has legitimately conveyed its position proscribing any form of banditry in Nigeria as dreaded oppressors and terrorists and as such must be dealt with in like manner.

This was contained in volume 108 of the Federal Republic of Nigerian power Gazette named, Terrorism (Prevention) Proscription Order Notice, 2021″ which was made open to Newsway by the S.A to the AGF on media and publicity, Dr Umar Gwandu.

This is coming after a ruling by Justice Taiwo of the Federal High Court in November 2021 which held that the activities of Yan Bindiga and Yan Ta’adda constitutes acts of terrorism, include shows of mental fighting.

In an ex-parte development brought before Justice Taiwo of the high court in October 2021, by the Federal government through the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation, the FG pleaded the court to grant constitutional authority to the FG to proscribe bandits as dreaded oppressors and terrorist group.

They searched for among various reliefs the following;

“A solicitation for this great court declaring the activities of the first and second respondent and other near social occasions in any piece of Nigeria especially in the northwest and north-central Regions of Nigeria as acts of terrorism and illegality.”

“A solicitation for this honourable court denying any groups in Nigeria by whatever name they are called with tantamount impartial as the first and second respondent which join yet not confined to banditry, kidnapping for ramson, kidnapping for marriage, mass abduction of students and various occupants, cattle rustling, enslavement, confinement, outrageous deprivation of physical liberty, torture, attack, sexual harassment, executed prostitution, obliged pregnancy, various kinds of sexual violence, attack and killings in networks and various laborers and wanton obliteration of lives and properties in Nigeria.”

In his choice, Justice Taiwo articulated the groups be labeled as terrorists and be recorded in the national gazette and published same in at least two national dailies.

In a copy of the court demand seen by Newsway, the named authority permitted all of the reliefs searched for by the Federal Government of Nigeria and exiled the bandits dreaded oppressors.

The statement in the paper examines somewhat, “Solicitation declaring the activities of Yan Bindiga Group, Yan’Tadda pack and other similar groups in any part of Nigerians as terrorists and unlawful, confining their world and restricting any individual or group of individuals from participating in any capacity whatsoever in any design in the activities of any of the groups.

“Notice is subsequently given that by the Order of the Federal High Court Abuja, in suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/1370/2021 dated 25th November 2021 as per the plan to this Notice, the Activities of Yan Bindiga Group, Yan Ta’adda Group and other similar groups in Nigeria are articulated to be mental persecution and illegal in any Region of Nigeria, especially in the North West and North-Central Regions of Nigeria and are disallowed, agreeable with fragments 1 and 2 of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011.

Thusly the overall population is therefore cautioned that any individual or gathering of people partaking in any way at all in any type of exercises including or concerning the indictment of the aggregate expectations or in any case of the gatherings alluded to in passage 1 of this Notice will abuse the arrangements of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011 and at risk to arraignment.”

In the suit checked: FHC/ABJ/CS/1370/2021, while the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the applicant, Yan’Bindiga pack is the vital respondent and Yan Ta’adda bundle, the resulting respondent.

The solicitation surrendered by the court infers that the plans of the mental abuse evasion act will be applied to blackguards. The Federal Government will by and by use full power large firearms to fight the bandit groups.

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