Fake mentally challenged man caught in Lagos with a bag filled with dead babies

When a man who has not yet been recognized was seen carrying a bag of dead babies along the Cele Expressway in Lagos on Sunday, there was unrest.

The suspect, who appeared to be mentally disabled due to his shabby clothing, was reportedly observed holding a bag that was oozing with blood.

According to a source, onlookers were suspicious of the man’s movements and inquired about the contents of the sack. In an effort to avoid questioning, the suspect immediately dove into a nearby lake, but was appalled by onlookers who caught him.

“We noticed that the man’s sack was leaking blood, so we asked several street kids to assist us in questioning him further. He sprinted into a lake but was apprehended. We discovered fresh de@d infants as we unzipped the sack. When we questioned him about what he was doing with the bloody objects, he remained silent but admitted that he had killed the infants’ mother.

We turned him over to the police out of concern that he may be lynched.

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