Fact checks proves Elon Musk was truly spotted wearing Pi Network T-Shirt; image not edited

With just a single Action some rich celebrities can cause a huge uprising in the world of crypto so what happens when the Action comes from Elon musk one of the richest man on this planet earth.

An Image of Elon musk was spotted online wearing a T-shirt that bears our pi network logo.

This is not Exaggerated because this picture should be everywhere online by now and I think this is not Photo shopped or kind of manipulated in any way because to it looks very real, Although not giving assurance that this picture Is 100% genuine. I still strongly believe it’s real but If you can prove that this picture is manipulated then I stand to be corrected.

What am doing right now is trying to figure out the source of this image and what Elon musk was doing at that moment when this picture was taken so it can help us confirm the genuineness of the picture. But let’s all think about it Together what Elon musk has been doing over the past recent months or years is actually pointing that he is Actually very interested in pi network.

First Elon musk is planning to name his first ever Manufactured mobile phone that is yet to be released by the name “Tesla model Pi”. I’m sure you guys might already be aware of that but Incase you’re not Aware, now you Are.

The fact that Elon musk named his new phone Pi and now we’re seeing him putting on “A” T-shirt of pi network, Do you guys think that is a coincidence? No I don’t think so.

Aside from this two reasons; There are still much more reasons why I’m kind of sure that musk will soon make his interest in Pi public.

I’ll Analyze this for you then in return you’ll tell me what you think. Putting all the pieces together between Elon musk and Pi Network.

The big Question is , why will Telsa name it’s first smartphone Pi?

  • In my own opinion the richest man would have thought of several factors that may have influenced the name of the company’s first smartphone, it could be that he has keenly observed the Quick Growth of the Pi Network both on social media and platform users, so musk thought the name alone “Pi” was cherished by the public.
  • Some people might be thinking he’s too busy to read about Pi Network and it’s growth but the Truth of the matter is; Business Men like him surf the internet more often than you think.

With these facts I think pioneers have been convinced that Elon Musk didn’t just coincidentally wear the Pi Network T-shirt.


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