FACTS: 3 tested business ideas that requires little set up cost in Nigeria that can make you A lot of money in 2023

For the majority of entrepreneurs, starting their own business is their greatest goal. Being your own boss allows you to accomplish things when you want without worrying about your employer watching you every move. However, as cool as it may sound, starting a successful business is a very difficult task that only a few businesses manage to complete.

It requires consistency, patience, positivity, passion and off course dedication to scale through in any business in the world at large.

On my list is one of the best business of all time. It is a business that never goes out of style:

1. Offering food services: this business will never go out of style because everyone eats on a daily basis. Most people are too busy to cook and others do not want to be saddled with the responsibility of preparing their own meals Which put you at the wining end.

2. Process food edibles and supply business: people who sell all kind of chips( plantain chips, potato chips), popcorns , chinchin and snacks generally usually packed in bags. These snacks are sold in Traffic, supermarkets, In stores, schools and everywhere. You can hire sellers to sell them in traffics and other place of your choice that has a large population and will enhance a good Amount of patronage. You can Advertise it on your social media. Wholesale selling is also a great way to make good returns. All you have to do is make your snacks and look for a way of distribution you are comfortable with.

3. Reselling Business: this is one of smartest business ideas there is. You badly want to sell a particular product or to run a certain kind of business but you do not want to saddle yourself with the responsibility of manufacturing. This is what you do? Purchase a wholesale from a manufacturer but for starters it is smarter to start with a small purchase. After your purchase, repackage it , rebrand it and sell as yours. product Packaging is very important. How you package your product determine the kind of customers you Attract. There are two ways to a reselling business, you can decide to partner up with a brand you Like. You drive Traffic to the product , get patronized and earn commission from the patronages. All you have to do is assume this product As yours to fully make it big.

These three business are recycling business and any of them is sure to bring fruitful returns if handled professionally.

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