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Exchanges listing Pi are not approved by Core Team as Pi Network still in enclosed mainnet stage

T.I Ukende
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The Pi Network Core Team has vehemently cautioned its community of users not to trust such unapproved listing, which may only lead to asset loss, in addition to disputing the assertions made by XT.COM and Huobi Global regarding the official listing of the PiCoin on their respective trading platforms.

In a blog post, Core Team keeps ringing the alarm bell, cautioning pioneers from trying to trade Pi through external platforms while the enclosed mainnet stage is still in effect. The updated post reads in part:

“Pi Network is aware of reports that several unauthorized third party exchanges, and potential unknown third parties, are seeking to list Pi or tokens purporting to be Pi, or some purported derivative of Pi, without the consent, authority or involvement of Pi Network.”

The Core Team went on to highlight that Pi Network and neither Huobi nor XT.COM have a formal agreement, and as a result, neither of the exchanges has the authority to formally offer Pi for trade on their platforms.

“It is important to reiterate that Pi is currently in the Enclosed Network and is not approved by Pi Network for listing on any exchange or for trading, and Pi Network was not involved with any of these purported postings or listings.” 

Key Points to be aware of:

  • Pi Network is a mobile blockchain mining project on a mission to give everyone access to the cryptocurrency revolution. The project was founded by a team of Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who designed a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm.
  • Huobi Global is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a strong presence in the Asian markets. Founded in 2013, Huobi provides a digital asset ecosystem that encompasses spot trading, derivatives trading, staking, crypto loans, crypto yield products, and more.
  • XT.COM claims to be dedicated to providing users with the most secure, trusted, and hassle-free digital asset trading services. The exchange is built from a desire to give everyone access to digital assets regardless where you are.
  • Huobi Global and XT.COM have listed the Pi Network native token Pi for trade on their respective trading platforms less than 24 hours ago without a formal engagement from the Core Team.

SOURCE: Pi Network blog

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