Elon Musk issued a harsh warning on Electric Vehicles from rival automaker Lucid Motors; says “They are not long for this world,”

Elon Musk generally supports other electric vehicles made by rival automakers. While he has openly promoted EVs like the Porsche Taycan and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, he has also made fun of cars like the Audi e-tron in the past. But in his most recent remarks, Musk issued a harsh warning regarding a more recent rival named Lucid Motors.

According to recent sources, Lucid is currently employing a novel strategy in an effort to preserve Air sedan orders. According to reports, Lucid’s standards were strict; clients would get calls from a number of staff each day for up to two weeks before their order cancellation for an Air car is complete.

Elon Musk made a very dire forecast for the electric vehicle manufacturer while updates suggested that Lucid is also providing consumers who ordered the Air Grand Touring sedan with a 10% discount if they fulfill their order. Musk discussed Lucid on Twitter, where it attracted a lot of interest from the electric vehicle industry.

“They are not long for this world,” Musk tweeted.

This is not the first time Musk has issued a cautionary statement regarding up-and-coming EV firms like Lucid Motors and Rivian Automotive. It was mentioned last year that Fort Worth, Texas, is the front-runner for Rivian’s $5 billion factory. Then, in response to the announcement, Musk noted that Rivian should first get its first facility, located in Normal, Illinois, operational and optimized.

“I’d recommend they get their first plant working. It’s insanely difficult to reach volume production at affordable unit cost,” Musk wrote.

During a podcast discussion with the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Club, Musk expressed his concerns about Lucid and Rivian. Musk warned that Lucid and Rivian are both headed for bankruptcy if they do not drastically slash prices during his chat with EV proponents. He also emphasized how difficult it is to survive in the car industry, as only Ford and Tesla have managed to stay in business among American automakers.

“Rivian and Lucid will both go bankrupt unless something drastically changes. They are headed for bankruptcy… I hope they can take action, but they are in serious difficulty and will join the rest of the US automakers—with the exception of Tesla and Ford—in the automobile cemetery unless they can drastically reduce their costs.

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