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EFCC deepens Odili’s investigation into N100 billion fraud, NIS clings to passport

T.I Ukende
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Justice Mary Odili, had at the  end of his administration in 2007, he obtained a perpetual injunction that has established the federal government and its investigative agencies, arrest or pursuer.

In 2020, he went to federal court again for another court order to stop an upcoming investigation. In September, the former governor sued NIS for confiscating his passport at the airport. 
In it response, however, the NIS said it was the EFCC who requested it to confiscate the passport as part of an investigation, but Judge Inyang Ekwo ordered the service to return the passport to Odili immediately, stating that pending judgment lifting the order to withhold Odili’s passport would constitute a violation of his fundamental human rights. 
Last week, however, the NIS informed the court that it would appeal the judgment and that it would therefore not be able to return Odili’s passport for the time being. 
He stated that he has requested that the enforcement of the judgment be suspended pending a hearing and a decision on his appeal.
The NIS based its appeal on three grounds, one of these was that the return of Odili’s passport could undermine the appeal. Judge Ekwo then ordered Odilli’s passport to be handed over to the court and adjourned the matter to December 13, 2021. 
The financial theft protection agency EFCC declined to comment. The EFCC opened an investigation last year because Odili allegedly diverted N100 billion during his term in office between 1999 and 2007. 
When contacted, EFCC spokesman Wilson Uwujaren declined to comment on the matter as the case is on trial.
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