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Eco-6 Update: Swifin resumes full Business activities after 26 days of service outage

T.I Ukende
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Swifin Agent’s tent in Kampala, Uganda.

The Swifin digital platform has resumed full business activities after 26 days of service outage due to system upgrade.

The Swifin digital wallet and e-commerce portal embarked on what it called total system upgrade that lasted exactly 26 days beginning from January 6th.

During the uncalled service outage, beneficiaries of the ECO-6 Lumi stimulus lamented about what they referred to as “Customer Maltreatment” with many calling on the platform’s management to redress its uncultured customer relationship policy.

One of the beneficiaries condemned the manner in which Swifin embarked on the system upgrade. He said, the management ought to have informed its Users before hand. He continued to point out that the company despite the free Registration ought to sent notification to all users of the platform informing them of the planned upgrade.

On their part, the platform’s management published the reason for the upgrade on their portal that “the upgrade was necessary to achieve one of their mandates which is financial inclusion for all.

Next to hope for is the planned conversion of the digital currency. Many people expected this to follow immediately after the system upgrade. However, this might not be so as no such feature is added on the platform yet.

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