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Eco-6 Lumi: Swifin’s new update encourages every beneficiary to sign-up on Lumi Entertainment portal

T.I Ukende
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ECO-6 and African Kingdoms Federation’s Logos

At the beginning of the year 2022, Dr. Linus Etube who is the Founder of the Swifin digital platform had promised a monthly update from the platform to enable users get along with every happenings.

Although this was confronted with a network failure or service outage that lasted over three months. In order to fix the bugs, Swifin migrated to a new website (a community) where users can interact with other users and get updates as often as possible.

The platform has sent another update to all users via email. All beneficiaries ought to have gotten the update where the platform urged Lumi beneficiaries to sign-up for Lumi Entertainment and updated on upcoming events. The mail reads in full thus;

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“Thanks for your patience and resilience. We are aware that many have not been able to register recently. We are doing all we can to resolve all the challenges and restore services to normal as soon as possible and to serve more people. 

We remain committed to driving financial inclusion for all and to providing a common instrument for exchanging value that is accessible to all individuals, businesses and governments to drive trade and economic transformation across all the regions in continental Africa and the African diaspora. With over 80% of people unbanked in some countries and over 40 currencies within the continent which remain a huge impediment to trade and economic prosperity, we are dealing with some of the toughest challenges of our time. 

That’s why we have had to migrate our infrastructure so that it can readily scale to reach and serve more people. 

We appreciate your patience through these changes and the challenges we are all experiencing because of these changes. Some have reported that the migration process has impacted them. Once it is all done and services are fully resumed every effort will be made to address all issues you may have experienced through the upgrade and migration process.  

As part of the changes we have created a community portal (https://connect.swifin.com) and encourage you to register for your connect ID. This will be required to access services including educational content, marketplace, community questions and answers, checking your Lumi balance, help and support and news and entertainment which may be relevant to you and your community from Lumi Entertainment.   


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