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Eco-6 Lumi: Swifin’s new platform integrating more currencies to enable Lumi conversion

T.I Ukende
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Just the way it was promised during the new year update by the founder of the Swifin digital platform, Dr. Linus Etube, Swifin is fast delivering on their promises as they have again added new features for Lumi Currency conversion.

The long yearnings of the people is gradually taking a stand as four popular Currencies have been added to the new Swifin platform with the view to Commence withdrawal of the Lumi currency.

On the new Swifin Community Portal, more Currencies have been added yesterday to enable conversion. These currencies include; US Dollar, UK pound, EU Euro and SA Rand.

Some of the currencies added on the new Swifin platform.

The portal however is temporary experiencing much traffic and as such is fluctuating in network connectivity.

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Mr. Martin Wiseman had unveiled an exchange platform late last year during the Lumi’s one year anniversary as a digital currency. However, the said platform may be launched late this year. Wise said his Royal Bank was considering the establishment of other branches to enable a convenient withdrawal process across the Continental Africa.

Conversion is necessary even if it tallies longer than expected, all that beneficiaries are expected to do is to understand that the authorities of this giant programme desire so much to see it succeed.

More updates coming

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