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Eco-6 Lumi: Swifin unveils a new Media portal for content publication

T.I Ukende
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Swifin has added another platform where beneficiaries are mandated to access information genuinely published by the authorities from time to time.

Coming from the first newsletter sent to Beneficiaries since the migration to a new community portal, Swifin emphasized on patience as a lot of efforts are being made to restore the normal workability capacity of the platform.

In the newsletter the authorities of the platform introduced a new website known as “Lumi Entertainment” where beneficiaries are still expected to sign-up if they so wish.

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Lumi Entertainment is responsible for publishing contents created by the Swifin’s Media team.

Users willing to try things out should kindly visit the link below

Click HERE 

Users can create profile on the platform and upload or publish content globally to more than 360 web medias.

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