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Eco-6 Lumi: Swifin commences smooth stimulus disbursement; The first after migrating to a new website

T.I Ukende
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The Swifin digital platform has resumed Eco-6 Lumi stimulus payment for the first time after migrating to a new website.

Amidst the Russian-Ukraine crisis, the Eco-6 through its digital wallet for the Lumi (Swifin) has commenced the monthly stimulus payment to over 2 million beneficiaries across the Continental Africa.

This is coming simultaneously with preparations for the Lumi currency conversion as Swifin advanced steps to actualize withdrawal of the Eco-6’s single digital currency (Lumi).

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A usual amount of 6.26 AKL (African Kingdoms Lumi) is expected to be received by all beneficiaries today. Despite the inability to convert, the Lumi currency keeps soaring high at an unprecedented exchange rate.

Conversion may present another huddle as many countries might run short of cash due to the high conversion rate and number of beneficiaries.

Many beneficiaries now complaining that since the migration of the old portal (platform.swifin.com) to the new portal (connect.swifin.com), they’ve been finding it difficult to access their accounts despite several trials.

To such people, they have been urged to use the link below

Login Here 

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