Eco-6 Lumi: How beneficiaries received January stimulus amidst Swifin’s service outage

One AKL Note. (Lumi Banknote)

It is no doubt that Swifin’s platform users were so worried over the platform’s service outage that began on the 6th day of January, 2022. This was the day all beneficiaries of the AKL stimulus programme were expecting the outcome of the first virtual conference held to share updates on past achievements and upcoming events in the present year (2022).

One of the beneficiaries in Benue State, Mr. Terver Akegh lamented that the Engineers who are doing the upgrade should have allowed the platform users to access and view their balance. Yesterday (28th) was the stimulus payday, so we were expecting to see our accounts being credited as usual.

No update yet, all efforts by newsway to reach out to the support team proved abortive. Though, the eco-6 portal gave an update on the Regions plans to Establish New SADC Regional Headquarters in the Kingdom of Eswatini”.

Earlier this month (January), Dr. Etube’s new year message sent to all the stimulus beneficiaries highlighted key areas of focus this year to include;

1. The integration of the Lumi currency into national economies.

2. Inclusion and implementation of exchange pathways on the Swifin platform.

3. Users of the platform to trade within themselves using the AKL as a medium of exchange on the Swifin e-store.

Inasmuch as the upgrade still tallies, we will continue to encourage beneficiaries to be patient with the programme. 

In another development, The federal government of Nigeria has concluded arrangements to hasten the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) by providing enabling environment for exporters to process exportable brands.

In a similar situation, the CBN has also reiterated its commitment to enforce the use of PAPSS for international payments especially within the continent while its eNaira’s trial phase ended successfully with transactions volume soaring up.

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