ECO-6 LUMI: Authorities failed to address beneficiaries on challenges faced

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The authorities of the African Diaspora 6th Region (ECO-6) and the management of the Swifin digital platform has failed in their economic responsibilities most especially in addressing millions of Africans who are direct beneficiaries of their initiative.

Every user of the Swifin digital platform expected this to keep their faith alive. Notwithstanding, today (28th) is an important day in the Lumi stimulus sphere, beneficiaries and Swifin users want to see or check their wallet balances. Addressing beneficiaries at this moment will rekindle their faith in the programme.

Recall that on the 6th of January 2022, Swifin embarked on a total system upgrade with the aim to improving the efficiency and capacity of the platform to achieving financial inclusion.

This sudden step was condemned by some of the platform users who thought a prior notice would have been given to all beneficiaries of the stimulus before embarking on such a long maintenance.

Although, this is not to suggest that the program is terminated. Upon the completion of the upgrade, beneficiaries will be credited accordingly.

Beneficiaries are however urged to be patient as the upgrade only seeks to improve the system’s workability and enhance it’s efficiency in tasking.

In another development, “the ECO-6 concludes arrangements to Establish New SADC Regional Headquarters in Kingdom of Eswatini”

More updates coming soon


Written by T.I Ukende

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