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Do you want to sell Lumi Currency? Get buyers here

T.I Ukende
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The Lumi currency banknote

As we all earnestly awaits the official exchange of the Lumi currency exchange, let us consider other ways through which eager people may exchange or sell their Lumi currencies for any fiat currencies within Africa and the Diaspora Region this January.

Just before then, I want us to consider few factors before going into the post properly.

1. It is more better to keep your Lumi currency and exchange after the stimulus programme. This will make it more valuable compare to what Investors are willing to pay now.

2. Bear it in mind that despite the current exchange rate, no investor is willing to pay even up to half the amount of the exchange rate.

3. Because no beneficiary of the Lumi stimulus programme paid to acquire the digital asset local investors consider it a painless gain on the part of the seller.

4. Your eagerness to sell your valuable asset will make an investor devaluate it, thereby looking at you as a vulnerable person he or she is trying to help.

5. Imposters, especially those of the Nigerian descent may compromise your Swifin account or may refused to pay cash after receiving your Lumi (in digital form).

6. Mediators or acclaimed brokers may vanish after collecting a token to help you sell your digital asset (Lumi currency).

7. Finally, you may ever live to regret selling your stimulus asset now to anyone who may even offer the exact exchange rate because better days are fast approaching.

Looking for where to sell Lumi Currency now?

Here are the results from my surveys and inquiries to help you sell your digital asset if you have been contemplating for the past months;

1. The accompong Maroon Territory: Nelson Ishawlema, a blogger from accompong Maroon has hinted Newsway that they have been using Lumi in the island since 2014 before the adoption of the currency by the ECO-6 in 2019. Although, they haven’t used the digital form of the Lumi but it is their official currency since 2014. However he added that the bank of accompong may address and sensitize the people on how to use the digital Lumi maybe later this year because their farmers are also receiving the stimulus.

2. Alhaji Sani Dollar: Sani is a black  marketer of different currencies in Benue’s Capital city, Makurdi. Sani after being approached hinted Newsway that he was considering the Lumi currency but needed intense knowledge of the currency before diving into the business. He added that what he don’t understand or what gives him fears is because he had never traded a digital asset before. 

Sani sells jewelries in Modern Market, Makurdi.

More updates coming…..soon 

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