CRYPTOCURRENCY: MYBTCNIGERA becomes the first Crypto wallet using technically blockchain to maintain btc token transactions

If you follow the bitcoin news, you will know a lot about Nigeria, how it has been at the forefront of this innovation. The country has been (still is) one of the leading nations in the world when it comes to bitcoin and other crypto token transactions.

It’s understandable why, despite the central bank’s prohibition on banks assisting bitcoin and other digital asset transactions, the number of people looking to purchase and sell cryptocurrency in the country remains high. While this is true, full adoption of cryptocurrency is still gradual owing to the challenges that digital currencies provide, particularly in terms of exchanging them.

The majority of transactions in the Nigerian Bitcoin space have been from early adopters who have relied mostly on foreign-based crypto exchange and trading platforms like Luno, Paxful, and Binance to not only buy bitcoin in Nigeria but also to store, sell and send around the world while having to deal with difficult verification processes, unfavorable rates, issues withdrawing fiat currency, and as far as banning accounts leading to loss of funds.

Therefore, as in the case of every country and continent, Nigerians and Africans need indigenous solutions to indigenous problems. One of such solutions is MYBTCNIGERIA, a Nigerian tech pace-setter using Blockchain Technology to solve real-life Nigerian crypto problems.

So, who are these guys and what are they offering?

Introducing MYBTCNIGERIA and its new BTC wallet

The MyBTCNigeria story can be traced back to 2017; the height of the crypto boom, a TIME WHEN A LOT OF EARLY ADOPTERS WERE getting into cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

MyBTCNigeria’s vision has always remained to be the number one guide to Digital Exchange in Nigeria. According to Sam Aiyesoro, the goal is “To position a Nigerian-owned cryptocurrency exchange platform on the world map as one of the biggest crypto service providers in a pole position to solve the pain points associated with buying, sending, storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely in Nigeria and Africa.

The CEO, Sam Aiyesoro (a serial tech entrepreneur since the early days of digital exchange in Nigeria which dates back to the days of Liberty Reserve, payza, Web money) believes Nigerians and Africans have what it takes to set in motion the direction of the digital financial markets worldwide with the right tools, knowledge and strong brands to navigate the tricky waters of the digital currency revolution and bring bitcoin enthusiasts up to speed on this groundbreaking technology and changing the face of money for good.

This is why Sam and his team have built MYBTCNIGERIA on this strong vision as the perfect all-in-one tool you need to start a crypto journey as a Nigerian living anywhere in the world. They have managed to build a brand that boasts:

  • The fastest customer support unit response time for any Nigerian crypto brand of < 50 seconds.
  • One of the fastest payment systems in Nigeria (5-15 minutes).
  • The easiest sign-up and onboarding of any Nigerian crypto exchange brand.

And now,

The “MYBTCNIGERIA Bitcoin wallet system” designed with the user in mind and fully controlled by the users.

How does this wallet system work?

The possibilities of the MYBTCNIGERIA Bitcoin wallet are endless. Imagine owning a Bitcoin wallet without an ID verification or submitting your BVN number or waiting endlessly for some OTP number that never arrives.

The wallet features on MyBTC App enable each user (new and existing)  the ability to automatically own Bitcoin wallets as soon as they sign up on MYBTC.NG with just a phone number and Email address.

Every registered user can:

Convert fiat/cash in their Naira balance to Bitcoin in their crypto wallet balance in 4 steps!

TO Buy/Convert Naira to Bitcoin:

Convert Bitcoin in their crypto wallet to cash/fiat in their Naira balance in 4 steps!

TO Sell/Convert Bitcoin to Naira:

What makes this wallet system special is simplicity and the juicy part – The payment system!

The payment system on MYBTCNIGERIA utilizes a state-of-the-art unique sequence that guarantees what the peer-to-peer payment system won’t guarantee – Speed!

In 5-10 minutes payment and exchanges are made without human interaction, just the user in control of how much of the endless possibilities of this wallet they want to enjoy. Compared to the “hours- days” synonymous with most p2p payment systems, The MYBTCNIGERIA wallet system is light years ahead.

Doing more with MYBTCNIGERIA

MYBTC.NG offers more to its users beyond the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Imagine being able to convert your Giftcards to bitcoin…

Imagine being able to buy data and airtime from your wallet balance….

Imagine being able to pay your Dstv, Gotv, Startimes, and electricity bill directly from your wallet balance….

The possibilities available to you on MYBTCNIGERIA are endless!

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