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CRYPTOCURRENCY: Archbishop Prof. Amb. Sam Zuga rollout Green Zugacoin with aim to tackle environmental pollution and to sponsor renewable energy

T.I Ukende
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On 1st November 2020, ZUGACOIN was introduced and was officially launched on 1st December 2020. Today, ZUGACOIN is a household name with undeniable impact.

We are here again on 1st November 2021 to introduce GREEN ZUGACOIN.

“GREEN ZUGACOIN is a brand new Cryptocurrency. It is the first Cryptocurrency that is created to be 0% carbon emissions and  aimed at sponsoring renewable energy projects to combat climate change challenges”.

The first project to be executed by GREEN ZUGACOIN is Environmental Education to tackle Environmental Pollution.

Ignorance remains the worst enemy of humanity. It has made humanity to be the worst enemy of the environment thus resulting to the alarming climate change challenges that is dangerously ravaging the entire universe which also inhabits the same humanity that is the major causative agent through ignorance.

The simplest way to combat climate change and its’ related challenges is to stop or mitigate humans activities that encourage the emissions of  Noxious Industrial Hazardous Greenhouse Gases and introduce Eco- friendly and Environmentally conformable activities that will not threaten the Preservation,Protection, Conservation and Sustainability of the environment.  This cannot be achieved except through Environmental Education, Sensitization, Conscientization and Information particularly beginning with the younger generation. This younger generation must start learning how to be friendly with the environment starting by waste management and avoidance of activities that will result to Environmental Degradation, Devastation, Degeneration, Devaluation, Deterioration, Destruction and eventual Collapse of the environment. It is vital the younger generation are taught “Things to do and things not to do” and the environmental consequences of both their Actions and their Inactions. It took Many years for the  Climate to begin to react against humanity. It will take many years to redress our steps to normalize the climate. The following institutions of learning are going to be established to undertake this task:


This school will have Nursery, Primary and Secondary Sections with Environmental studies as compulsory subjects. Students would be taught basic environmental issues. Each Student must plant a tree every year as part of examination until they graduate and will make tree planting an annual task as a habit.

Waste management mechanisms will be an essential part of the school which will be located in each State in Nigeria and each country in Africa and other parts of the world. Students would be taught about recycling to reduce waste and turn it into wealth. Students will no longer be depending on parents to pay their school fees but rather parents will be depending on their children attending these schools for survival because of the practical knowledge they will be receiving from these schools. Parents of each student must also plant a tree each year to be supervised by their children during holidays. Competitions among parents in communities. Parents who win the tree planting and environmental sanitation competitions will be rewarded handsomely.

These schools will evacuate children on the street to make education compulsory for every child beginning from Nigeria as the school will be a TUITION FREE SCHOOL. Pupils and Students would be guided on how to discover their inborn abilities and talents. Those who will be identified as  academically sound would go to the University but the ones that are not so  academically bright but have expertise in Skills will be guided into their areas of specialization.


This University will never graduate a jobless Student. Every Graduate must be an employer of labour as a result of the vast knowledge they will acquire from this university through the existing opportunities in Green Digital Economy.

The University will be a continuation from the secondary section. All graduating students from the secondary section will gain an automatic admission into the university.

The University will be offering only Digital and Green Economy related courses. Renewable Energy Industries, Energy Efficient Technology Management Industries and Digital Economy Projects will come out of this University so as to achieve  not only Financial Emancipation but also Environmental Emancipation and ultimately liberate Humanity and the Entire Universe from the presently looming  and the futuristic anticipated catastrophic Environmental Crisis.

This University will pioneer the training in the fast implementation of the about to be launched technology which is going to work as Carbon Magnet so that as gaseous emissions are released into the atmosphere it will quickly magnet and trap these Noxious Industrial Hazardous Greenhouse Gases and remove them from the Atmosphere.

This is a Technology that will replace tree planting or assist it where necessary. It a Technology that will in just few hours  do what about 500 trees would have done in one full year.

This University will be located in Nigeria but have campuses all over the world.

The Presale of GREEN ZUGACOIN which is 100 million maximum supply will commence on 1st  to 30th November 2021 with $10 while the official launching will be on 1st December 2021 at $100 the listing price.

The admission forms into SAMZUGA GREEN ACADEMY will be out  from 1st December 2021, Studies will commence in January 2022 at Abako in Benue State and Uyo in Akwa Ibom State as take off Campuses while the Official Commissioning of the first GREEN COIN, GREEN ACADEMY & GREEN UNIVERSITY in the world will be at the Abako Campus in Benue State on  02/02/2022 by 2 pm. The Secretary General of United Nations or his representative will perform the commissioning ceremony.

You can get your GREEN ZUGACOIN on:


Archbishop Prof Amb. Sam Zuga,  


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