CORE DAO team announce the launch of a new App; advises users to use and provide feedback

The CORE DAO development team has launched an updated version of their App, which has been rumored to become the top airdrop platform in the world, ahead of the December 26th Mainnet debut.

A statement encouraging users to download the new App has reportedly been made by the development team, according to information tweeted by @Core_minig. The tweet reads:

“The new version of the app is launched (announcement has been released) After the upgrade, the Satoshi app will become the world’s top airdrop platform! (2) After the upgrade of the new version of the system, three test projects will be launched for all user experience and trial. These test items will be completed as system trials as well as stress tests. We expect everyone to be actively involved and hope that the testing phase will go smoothly. This testing phase will be set for 7 days.”

Users are asked to use the airdrop application and give feedback in order to improve its usability even though it has just debuted on the Play Store.

Mainnet launch update

Prior to the much-anticipated mainnet launch, the Core DAO team stated that the project’s long-term vision will continue to be congruent. The long-term goal of The Core DAO is to expand its ecosystem and create a mutually beneficial partnership with Bitcoin miners.

The Core DAO team reassured users in a blog post on December 15 that everything is set up for the mainnet launch, including audits and testnet activity. Most crucially, the mainnet and the Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism are both prepared for full launch. The blog stated that Core DAO is prepared to coordinate with Bitcoin miners in order to benefit from Satoshi Plus’s delegated hash power capabilities.

“The [Satoshi Plus] mechanism is also designed and ready from the outset to incorporate delegated hash power from the Bitcoin mining ecosystem without additional cost to Bitcoin miners,” writes the blog. “Participation from Bitcoin miners will ultimately harden the Core Network by anchoring its consensus in Bitcoin’s decentralization.”

The Core DAO Satoshi Plus consensus can be used by the bitcoin mining community to increase incentives and diversity incentivization. The Core DAO team acknowledged that Satoshi Plus should grow stronger as more miners sign up.

The testnet has thus far demonstrated strength in numbers:

  • More than 1.2 million different addresses
  • 400,000 active addresses each day
  • 467,000 transactions per day

CertiK has also recently audited the mainnet. The rumored debut date is December 26th.

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