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CoinMarketCap Unveils TokenBot (TKB) Airdrop: Over 149 Million TKB Tokens Up for Grabs

Terfa Ukende
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CoinMarketCap has kicked off an exciting airdrop in collaboration with TokenBot (TKB), offering participants the chance to get their hands on a share of 149,619,965 TKB tokens. With 29,924 winners set to receive up to 5,000 TKB each, the airdrop has sparked considerable interest in the crypto community.

How to Participate:

1. Visit the TKB coin page on CoinMarketCap: [TKB Coin Page](https://coinmarketcap.com/).

2. Scroll down to find detailed instructions for the airdrop.

3. Log in to your CoinMarketCap account here 👉 (https://coinmarketcap.com/).

4. Follow the outlined steps on the coin details page or below.

Steps to Participate:

  • Search for “TKB” on CoinMarketCap.
  • Follow TokenBot on CoinMarketCap Community.
  • Add TokenBot to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap.
  • Follow Token Bot on Twitter.
  • Join Token Bot on Telegram.
  • Join Token Bot on Discord.
  • Add Alpha Cart NFT to your watchlist on OpenSea.

What Is Token Bot (TKB)?

Token Bot stands as a web3 platform catering to algorithmic traders, operating with its native token, $TKB. Functioning as a social network for traders engaged in membership-based copy trading, Token Bot aims to revolutionize the landscape for algorithmic trading enthusiasts.

As the airdrop gains momentum, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the outcomes of this collaborative initiative between CoinMarketCap and TokenBot, highlighting the dynamic intersections of technology and community engagement in the crypto space. Read Similar Story

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