CoinCarp to begin tracking of $CORE price across exchanges in real-time from February 8th

CoinCarp, a website that provides information about the cryptocurrency industry, including price tracking and exchange rankings, has announced that it would list CORE and start tracking the CORE token’s price across exchanges as of February 8th.

The price (charts and market capitalization included) of the $CORE will start to show as soon as the developers are done with post-mainnet activities and enables external on-chain connections especially listing of CORE on reputable cryptocurrency price trackers like coincarp.

A date has already been issued by the Core DAO team for the Airdrop Distribution which is February 8th. Users of the Core network will get 525,600,000 CORE through the airdrop, or 25.029% of the entire (hard-capped) CORE token supply.

CORE users can always check CoinCarp to find out the current price of CORE and other pertinent details about the project.

About CoinCarp

CoinCarp is website that provides information on cryptocurrencies. The portal offers cryptocurrency price tracking, exchange rating, recently introduced cryptocurrencies, ranking of cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency data analysis, news and information about cryptocurrencies, and more.

What is Core DAO?

CoreDAO exists to build the Satoshi Plus ecosystem starting with the launch of the Core blockchain. We are building Web3 infrastructure & promoting public blockchains built on Bitcoin’s PoW combined with Ethereum’s EVM.

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