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T.I Ukende
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It has been alleged that a certain prophet in Adikpo, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State has disposed a snake that is responsible for the miracles performed by the man of God.

Prophet Sharp-Sharp is under verbal attack right now as many people are accusing him of disposing a snake at the entrance of the St. Ann’s Parish Adikpo.

Many people believed he brought the snake to surrender it to a miracle priest Rev. Dzer Matthew who is the Parish priest at St. Ann’s Parish Adikpo.

Mr. Michael Aondona, the owner of the shop where the snake was dropped spoke to NEWSWAY that he was sleeping in his shop when he heard the sound of a car in front of his shop, he heard as some men came out of the car and dropped something on his corridor so he came out after the men left only to see a carton with blood. His words;

” Unknown persons burgled my shop three days ago so I decided to be sleeping in the shop, so I was actually in my shop when I heard the sound of a car stopped right in front of my shop. Shortly after, I heard them dropped something that was inside a carton on my corridor, I couldn’t ascertain the content in the carton so I waited for them to leave before I came out of the shop only to discover a carton with blood on my corridor.

I called the security men at St. Ann’s Parish who alerted the police, when the police arrived, they opened the carton and we saw a dead snake that was carrying an inscription “GOD OF SHARP-SHARP SHOW YOUR POWER, GIVE ME MORE POWERS”.

Some believed it was all set-up against the man of God. They said if the snake was troubling him as alleged then who could have killed it?

NEWSWAY learnt that prophet Sharp-Sharp had a problem with his brothers that led to the burning of his house and church on tuesday this week. He has relocated to a different location within the Adikpo town where they’re carrying out church activities.

As at the time of filling this report the police were in the custody of the dead snake.

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