BREAKING: Nigerians from 18yrs above to benefit N1 million each–ArchBishop Sam Zuga

Arch Bishop, Prof. Sam Zuga

Ecclesiastical overseer Professor Sam Zuga has vowed to concede all Nigerians 18 years or more independence from the rat race to the tune of N1 million naira each.

Sam Zuga otherwise called Jehovah’s Field Marshall kept up with, that the most unfortunate individuals in Nigeria will soon worth 1 Million, while indecencies like kidnapping, banditry and so forth, brought about by neediness will be diminished or reduced radically when he is done with the empowerment program.

His post Reads thus:


The significant adversary of Nigeria and Africa called neediness has been crushed by the Almighty God through innovation and individuals of altruism.

ZUGACOIN ERC20 has climb every one of the mountains, dropped all the valleys, haggle every one of the corners, bounce every one of the clusters lastly showed up. 

I made striking to proclaim that; 


What is remaining now is the information on the most proficient method to deal with our’s undeniable achievement and I am prepared to do equity to that.

Naira estimation highlights has been integrated on the Zuga Wallet for simple exchange through “Scan To Pay”. This will be initiated for every country’s currency in Africa. The unveiling of this programme will be done in Uyo Akwa Ibom State on the 24th January 2022 from 1pm.

Without precedent for the historical backdrop of Blockchain innovation, you can drop a bombed exchange and opposite your gas expense utilizing Samzuga wallet. There is no misfortune in ZUGACOIN.

Each Nigerian from 18 years of age or more will be given 1 Million Naira worth of ZUGACOIN each for nothing to start their excursion into independence from the rat race. 

The method on the best way to guarantee this cash will be made public very soon. The most unfortunate individuals in Nigeria will worth 1 Million after this activity by 30th September 2022 in Nigeria and we will continue to other African nations. Every one of the social indecencies like kidnapping, banditry and so forth brought about by neediness will be decreased definitely when this activity will be finished. 

All Nigerians are exhorted not to battle this vision. ZUGACOIN ERC20 was made for 70% cause.”

Archbishop Sam Zuga has been helping Nigerians for 10 years. A portion of his altruistic motions incorporate, giving business awards to Nigerians going from 100,000 to 1,000,000 in Yola, Adamawa State, free medical treatment which started around 2002 has spread across Lagos State and different parts of Nigeria, vehicle gifts to Nigerians, 

In 2020, Sam Zuga additionally gave out 100,000 Naira worth of ZUGACOIN to each willing Nigerian, to empower them to start their journey into independence from the rat race. Every one of these are as his vision 0202-2020 which is to decrease joblessness and neediness in the country.

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