BREAKING: Baby Doge Swap finally listed on the BNBchain DappBay; claimed no project is doing better in their niche on BSC

Baby Doge Swap, a well-known memecoin turned Decentralized Exchange (DEX), has been formally listed on BNB Chain’s Dapp Bay.

According to the listing, which was made public via a tweet on Nov. 16, BNB Chain users will have easier access to Baby Doge Swap and will be able to rate it similarly to all other Decentralized Applications (dApps) on the network. Baby Doge Coin now has a 9.6/10 user rating.

Since releasing its DEX, Baby Doge Swap has been on a tear. Users can switch between any tokens on the BNB Chain using the new swap. The platform’s Total Volume Locked (TVL) increased again after the FTX collapse, despite a brief decline.

Similar to the BabyDoge/BNB farm, the farming and liquidity pools have likewise kept generating remarkable APY figures. The well-known farm’s recent extension of more than 200 days raises APYs to about 100%. Some farms, like the brand-new Doge/Tether farm, had an APY of thousands when they first began.

Owners of Baby Doge just voted overwhelmingly to begin monthly burning for Baby Doge Coin. Burns are required to continuously fend off price deflation because Baby Doge Coin has a circulation supply of over 159 Quadrillion (according to CoinGecko), which will be reduced by the burns.

In case you are not aware

The well-known “BABY DOGE”, a common meme token, is Baby Doge Swap. Baby Doge Swap, which was originally known as Baby Doge Coin, is a hyper-deflationary mechanism that gradually reduces its supply while increasing its liquidity. With swaps, liquidity pools, yield farming, and other features, the project is now a fully decentralized exchange. Baby Doge sees its main purpose as creating a humorous meme community to promote animal adoption.

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