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Both Network Complies With Nigeria’s New Regulations by Axing Local Currency Feature

Terfa Ukende
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You’ve probably heard the news by now – BOTH Network is removing the ability to see the naira equivalent of mined tokens in their upcoming mobile mining app. This major change is in response to evolving regulations in Nigeria that have made the feature non-compliant.

While you may be disappointed to lose this handy conversion tool, try not to fret. The team is already cooking up an alternative solution to keep the app user-friendly while still following the rules. Regulatory roadblocks are all part of the journey when innovating in the crypto space.

And besides, there’s much more to get pumped about with this app’s launch right around the corner. We’re talking real-time mining stats, integrated wallets, and a seamless user experience. So don’t let this little hiccup distract you from the awesomeness that’s about to drop into your pocket!

The BOTH Network squad has been hard at work getting this baby ready to go. Testing is complete and any bugs have been squashed. Now it’s just a matter of counting down the days until release day.

While the naira change may be a bummer for some, most folks are keeping an open mind. Kudos to the team for making hard choices to stay compliant. And extra props for being upfront and transparent every step of the way.

This app promises to take mobile mining to the next level. And from the sounds of it, that vision remains intact. So try to contain your excitement, because soon you’ll be earning BOTH tokens whenever your phone is powered on. The future is here!

BOTH Network Removes Naira Conversion Amidst Nigeria Regulations

In a move to comply with recently announced regulations in Nigeria, BOTH Network has made the difficult decision to remove the naira conversion feature from their upcoming mobile mining app. Originally designed to display the value of mined BOTH tokens in the local currencies, the naira equivalent feature will be replaced to meet the new guidelines.

According to their statement, BOTH Network remains fully committed to supporting users in Nigeria and beyond. However, to operate legally within the country, they must adapt to policy changes. “We aim to lead the way in regulatory compliance for digital currencies. Although removing the naira feature was not an easy choice, we believe it is necessary to align with laws set forth by governing bodies,” the team affirmed.

The removal of the naira conversion tool will not impact the functionality or accessibility of the mobile mining application itself. The app is still set to launch on May 9th, delivering an intuitive mining experience where users can earn BOTH tokens directly from their mobile devices. Real-time statistics, simplified controls, and an integrated wallet are just a few of the features designed to enhance the overall mining experience.

Reactions from community members have been mixed. Some lament the loss of the naira feature but applaud BOTH Network for taking swift action to comply with regulators. Others question whether removing the tool is truly necessary or if an alternative solution may have sufficed. However, BOTH Network maintains that this decision, while difficult, will allow them to operate legally and continue providing resources to users in Nigeria.

Despite challenges, BOTH Network pushes forward with their mission to make digital currencies accessible for all. The highly anticipated release of their mobile mining app promises to be an innovative solution for individuals to earn income through cryptocurrency mining using nothing more than a mobile phone. By adapting to policy changes, BOTH Network aims to lead the way in building a compliant and ethical blockchain ecosystem. Overall, the team remains optimistic that their mining app will meet the needs of users in Nigeria and beyond.

Mobile Mining App Release Still on Track Despite Regulatory Changes

App Launch Set for This Week

Even with the removal of the naira conversion feature, BOTH Network’s mobile mining app is still set to launch this week. After successful testing, the team announced the app will be released as planned on May 9th. This highly anticipated app will allow users to earn BOTH tokens directly through their mobile devices.

Alternative Solutions in the Works

While the naira equivalent feature will not be included in the initial release, BOTH Network emphasized they are working on compliant alternatives. “We remain committed to supporting our Nigerian users and are developing solutions that will adhere to regulations,” the team stated. These alternative options will aim to provide a seamless experience for users.

Features and Functionality Maintained

Despite the changes, the mining app’s core functionality remains intact. Users can still look forward to real-time mining statistics, user-friendly controls, and a built-in wallet for managing earned tokens. The app promises to deliver an innovative mining experience through a range of features designed to enhance user experience.

Community Reaction Mixed but Optimistic

Reactions within the community have been mixed, with some lamenting the loss of the naira feature but others appreciating BOTH Network’s proactive compliance efforts. The team has maintained transparency through this transition, helping to reassure users about the app and company’s direction.

With the release just around the corner, excitement is building around the new opportunities and features this app will provide. BOTH Network remains confident the mining app will meet high expectations and usher in a new era of mobile crypto mining. While regulatory challenges persist, the company is committed to adapting to achieve their goal of integrating digital currencies into everyday finance.

Key Features of BOTH Network’s New Mobile Mining Application

Streamlined Mining Experience

The new app provides a seamless mining experience right from your mobile device. You’ll be able to start mining BOTH tokens with the tap of a button, without any complicated setup or configurations. The intuitive interface lets you monitor your mining stats in real-time, so you can keep track of how much you’ve earned and make any adjustments needed to maximize your mining power.

Integrated Wallet

An integrated wallet feature allows you to store all the BOTH tokens you earn from mining directly in the app. This eliminates the need to transfer your earnings to an external wallet, streamlining the entire mining and earning process. Your balance and transaction history are readily available at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security

To ensure the safety of users’ funds and personal information, the BOTH Network team has implemented advanced security protocols and encryption technology into the new mobile app. Two-factor authentication, biometric logins, and other security mechanisms help safeguard accounts from unauthorized access. The team is committed to maintaining the highest security standards and protecting users.

Seamless Transition

While the removal of the naira conversion feature may be disappointing to some, the BOTH Network team is working diligently to provide an alternative solution that complies with regulations. Despite this change, the overall functionality and experience of the mining app will remain largely unaffected. The team is focused on ensuring a smooth transition for all users.

The launch of BOTH Network’s mobile mining app ushers in a new era of convenience and accessibility. Though regulatory challenges required the removal of the local currency feature, the team has delivered an innovative mining experience with enhanced security, an integrated wallet, and a seamless interface. The community eagerly awaits the release of this groundbreaking app.

Community Reactions to Removal of Local Currency Display

The announcement regarding the removal of the naira conversion feature has elicited mixed reactions within the BOTH Network community.

Concerns Over Reduced Functionality

Some users have voiced concerns that eliminating the local currency display will reduce the overall functionality and convenience of the mobile mining app. The naira equivalent feature was designed to simplify the process of valuing mined BOTH tokens for Nigerian users. Its removal may present challenges for users when determining the value of their mining earnings.

Appreciation for Regulatory Compliance

However, other community members have expressed appreciation for BOTH Network’s proactive approach to compliance. By adapting to Nigeria’s new regulations in a timely manner, the network aims to avoid potential legal issues and ensure the long-term viability of its operations. Staying ahead of regulatory changes has been an ongoing priority for the BOTH Network team.

Confidence in Alternative Solutions

In their announcement, BOTH Network stated that they are working on alternative solutions to replace the naira conversion feature while still meeting user needs. The team emphasized their commitment to supporting users through this transition. Many in the community remain confident in the team’s ability to deliver effective solutions despite this setback.

Eagerness for Mobile App Release

Overall, the community appears eager for the release of the BOTH Network mobile mining app. While the removal of the local currency feature is disappointing to some, the app’s array of capabilities and potential to enhance the user experience seems to outweigh this concern for most. The team’s dedication to adapting to regulations and delivering innovative solutions has bolstered user confidence ahead of the app’s launch.

The range of reactions within the community reflects the complex realities of operating a digital currency network. However, BOTH Network’s proactive and transparent approach to regulatory compliance has helped mitigate negative impacts. The team continues to prioritize the needs of its users, working to ensure a positive experience and deliver on the promise of its mobile mining application.

What to Expect From BOTH Network Moving Forward

Focus on Regulatory Compliance

Given the recent changes, regulatory compliance will likely remain a top priority for BOTH Network. The team has demonstrated their willingness to adapt to new laws and guidelines to ensure operations align with all applicable regulations. You can expect the network to closely monitor policy updates and make changes accordingly.

Continued Innovation

While regulatory challenges have impacted certain features, BOTH Network remains committed to building innovative solutions for its users. The release of the mobile mining app on May 9th highlights the team’s dedication to enhancing the user experience through new technologies and offerings.

Community Support

BOTH Network greatly values its community of users and supporters. Despite mixed reactions, the team has openly communicated about the removal of the naira conversion feature and promised to deliver an alternative that meets user needs. You can expect BOTH Network to continue engaging with and supporting its community through new feature updates, progress reports, and interactive forums.

Exciting Future Developments

With the mobile mining app launching this week, BOTH Network seems poised for growth and further expansion. Additional features, partnerships, and offerings may be on the horizon. The team has noted that the removal of the naira feature will not impact the app’s functionality, suggesting more developments are in store. The community eagerly awaits news of what’s next for BOTH Network.

Overall, BOTH Network remains optimistic about the future despite recent challenges. By prioritizing regulatory compliance, community support, and continued innovation, the network is well positioned for success. The launch of the mobile mining app signals the start of an exciting new chapter, and users can look forward to an array of future developments from this promising project. The future looks bright for BOTH Network.


So while the removal of the naira conversion feature may disappoint some users initially, BOTH Network’s responsiveness to evolving regulations demonstrates their commitment to compliance and the long-term growth of the platform. As the team prepares to unveil the highly anticipated mobile mining app in just days, their proactive approach to navigating this complex regulatory landscape is reassuring. The forthcoming launch promises an engaging user experience and innovative features that will allow the community to mine BOTH tokens in a seamless, compliant and rewarding way. Though adaptations were required, BOTH Network continues marching steadily toward their vision of integrating digital currencies into daily financial activities worldwide. Continue Reading

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