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T.I Ukende
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 Blackberry taught me one of the greatest lessons I learnt about contentment. 

For me, every step I have taken in life has been experimental. 

In the days of Blackberry, many of us couldn’t even afford the latest one at a particular time. 

A whole lot of people resorted to different means to generate funds to acquire a Blackberry. 

And whether you agree or not, many desired a Blackberry not just for the purpose of the enhanced communication it offered at that time, but merely to boost their social visibility. Blackberry was the separation between the Sheeps and the Goats.

For me, I was always behind schedule in the use of Blackberry.

When many of my Peers were using the Bold 2, I managed to buy a Curve 1. 

Subsequently, I upgraded to Curve 2, Bold 2, Bold 5 and Torch 2 and I gave up the chase when it occurred to me that it was unnecessary to desire something you cannot conveniently afford. 

Anytime I upgraded from one Blackberry to another, I realised that except for some slight modifications, it was the same BBM, the same WhatsApp and the same User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

I realised that there was really no difference between a Blackberry Bold 2 and a Blackberry Bold 5 apart from the design. 

I also took cognisance of the fact that beyond having a Blackberry Bold 2, Bold 5 or Torch, people were so conscious of the dissimilarity in Colour.

Many People preferred the White Blackberries to the Black ones and by virtue of that colour classification, the White Blackberries were priced higher than the black ones.

But the BIG QUESTION today is: How much does the same Blackberry Bold 5 or BlackBerry Porsche cost right now? 

If a Blackberry Porsche is offered to you for #10,000 right now, would you buy it? 

I saw an almost new Blackberry Bold 5 last year at Ikeja and the price tag was #6,000. As in six thousand naira. 

Some Young girls lost their virginity just to have a Blackberry.

Some Young boys were mobbed, jailed and even killed for trying to steal a Blackberry.

What is the worth of a Blackberry today? It’s like toilet paper. 

So when I study the story of Blackberry, I just feel contented with my life. 

Whatever I cannot afford today, I let go until I am able to afford it. By the time I am ready, I will be going for the new version and not the old one. 

•Let go off anything you cannot afford. 

•Live within your means.

•When you are ready, you will find better ones in the Market. 

If you cannot afford this year’s model, then look for the one you can afford. Another model will come out next year and the year after.

Is it a House? Take it easy! There will never be scarcity of House when you are ready to buy one. 

If they buy all the lands before you are ready, you will buy a House. 

Just take it easy.

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