Bitrue Exchange to open trading for $CORE soon after Airdrop

Bitrue, a cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform has announced it will open trading for CoreDAO (CORE) immediately after the first Airdrop slated for February 8th. The CEX platform says it will commence trading of the pair only if the deposit meet the minimum liquidity requirements.

According to an announcement made through it’s community blog, Bitrue says already the deposit feature for the token has been enabled while it’s withdrawal feature will be enabled in the next 24 hours.

Bitrue will list Core DAO (CORE). Trading will open for CORE/USDT at 2023-02-08 12:00 (UTC), once the deposits meet the minimum liquidity requirements.”

The Core DAO team has announced that the first CORE token airdrop will take place on February 8th. Several exchanges, including Huobi, BitMart, and Bitrue, tweeted their interest in commencing the token’s trading shortly following this announcement.

Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform that offers advanced trading capabilities as well as chances to earn income through various staking and investing programs.

What is Core DAO?

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. It represents an opportunity for miners to access new revenue streams by contributing hash power to the chain. Inspired by the principles of both blockchains, Core displays a deep appreciation for the crypto ecosystem’s history and an even greater excitement for Core’s role in its future.

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