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BIRS Chairman clears illegal checkpoint in Tyowanye; Imposters flee

T.I Ukende
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The Executive Chairman, Benue State Internal Revenue Service, BIRS today ordered the immediate clearing of an illegal revenue checkpoint mounted by criminals at Tyowanye posing as revenue agents in the state. 

The chairman who was on her way to Jato-Aka on a condolence visit to second republic minister and elder statesman, Wantaregh Paul Unongo on sighting the criminals who blocked the highway stopped with her team of policemen who cleared the road.

The criminals had blocked a truck conveying goods and traders, and were about extorting them when the chairman ran into the blockage and they all took to their heels leaving behind a teenage boy who claimed to be a passerby and was arrested but later released after the traders confirmed he wasn’t among the criminals that stopped them.

Activities of criminal elements on the highways in Benue state has posed a treat to the economy of the state as traders and motorists faces multiple extortion from the criminals and some security agents. And Mrs. Orubibi upon assumption of office as the Executive Chairman declared zero tolerance for such activities.

The revenue Boss in her various interactions with traders union and associations, and other stakeholders had informed them that the state has only 16 gazetted revenue inspection and monitoring points and anyone operating outside of the gazetted points is a criminal and should be treated as such.

Suswam Jacob Terhemba 

Media assistant to the Executive Chairman, BIRS 

18th March, 2022

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