Benue 2023: Fr. Alia Emerges Victorious at Gubernatorial Polls, Kwande Elections Rescheduled

Congratulations are in order for Fr. Alia as he sweeps the Benue gubernatorial polls with a landslide victory!

The Benue state was abuzz with the gubernatorial polls that took place last week, with Fr. Alia emerging victorious at the final poll result collation today. The poll result collation was an intense process that was watched keenly by both citizens of Benue and the media and it was a joyous occasion when Fr. Alia emerged victorious with a landslide of votes.

Unfortunately, due to some issues in Kwande LG, the election process had to be rescheduled for another date. Nevertheless, this hasn’t dampened the spirit of the citizens who are thrilled that Fr. Alia has been elected as the next governor of Benue state.

Overview of the Benue 2023 Gubernatorial Polls

The 2023 Benue gubernatorial polls, which began with the primaries on April 3 and concluded in May 27 2022, resulted in a victorious Father Alia. Father Alia, who was chosen to represent the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the primaries, earned an overwhelming majority of votes among the aspirants for Benue governorship and is expected to be sworn by may 29th, 2023.

During these polls, Kwande Local Government Assembly election has been rescheduled for a later date due to an error made during the printing of ballot papers and later some security concerns too. This is in line with the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) policy that requires all elections to be conducted in a safe environment free from any threats of insecurity or intimidation. The INEC commissioner for the State has announced that all necessary measures have been put in place to ensure a fair and transparent poll when the elections are held.

Meanwhile, collation of results from other local government areas is ongoing as of press time and we wait with bated breath for their results while wishing Father Alia success ahead of his swearing-in ceremony.

The delay of the Kwande Local Government Gubernatorial and Assembly election is not expected to affect Fr. Alia’s victory as the gubernatorial winner in Benue state as he had already secured an overwhelming majority of votes even as the Kwande polls were postponed.

Review of Fr. Alia’s Popularity in the Benue Gubernatorial Election 2023

Fr. Alia has had a significant presence in the Benue State political terrain for some time now and his emergence as winner of the Benue gubernatorial polls came as no surprise to majority of the stakeholders. His popularity was felt before the election with several of his campaign posters scattered around Benue State and several endorsements from various groups.

His campaign platform was based on three major agendas:

  • Improved access to quality healthcare
  • Education reform with emphasis on the female gender
  • Structural development and infrastructural developments throughout the state.

The policies were well received by the state’s populace, leading to an increased support base for him in different parts of Benue State during the election period, ultimately leading to his successful victory at the polls.

How Voters in Kwande East and Kwande West Viewed the Postponing of the LGAs Polls

The collation of the gubernatorial polls in Benue was greeted with joy and affirmation across the state, especially by residents of Kwande East and Kwande West Local Government Areas; who were left in suspense after their LGAs were affected by a rescheduling of the local government elections.

Residents of Kwande East and Kwande West have expressed mixed reactions to the postponing of their respective gubernatorial and assembly elections. While some feel that it is for the best—to maintain law, order, and peace—others are disappointed with what they view as an infringement on their right to vote.

Whatever their opinions may be, most voters in Kwande East and Kwande West are looking to the future with optimism. As the collation of Benue’s gubernatorial results continues into its second day, many are focusing attention on next week’s re-scheduled poll and being satisfied that Fr. Alia emerged triumphant during the course of voting last week.

Celebrations and Reactions to Fr. Alia’s Victory From Across Benue State

The news of Fr. Alia’s victory spread rapidly throughout Benue State, triggering an outburst of joy and celebration. People gathered in the streets to sing, dance and rejoice over the result. Social media was soon abuzz with congratulatory messages for Fr. Alia, who will serve as the new executive governor for Benue State.

The ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), shared their congratulations, hailing the victory as “a testament to the people’s unwavering faith in and commitment to progress.”

On his part, Fr. Alia expressed appreciation for the votes and promised to uphold the constitution in his official capacity:

“I thank God Almighty for granting me victory… I shall serve with courage and honesty.”

He continued by thanking his party leaders, campaign team and all those who have supported him throughout his journey — a sentiment echoed by many across Benue State.

What Comes Next for Benue State after 2023 Elections?

It’s been a long, tumultuous road for Benue state ahead of the 2023 elections, and with Fr. Alia emerging victorious at the gubernatorial polls, it’s time to take a look at what comes next.

Political Merger and Alliances

In order to ensure a strong, unified political front leading into 2027, it is expected that parties will merge or form alliances over the coming months and years. This can help each party leverage their resources as well as bolster their numbers in preparation for the election with the hope to unseat the Priest should he fail to fulfill on his campaign promises.

Enacting Reforms

Benue State has long been plagued with issues such as corruption, nepotism and poverty levels that are higher than the national average – all of which need to be addressed as soon as possible if Alia would want to work for the people. Over the coming years, laws, regulations and policies must be enacted to ensure a safer and economic friendly Benue as it is the yearnings of the people while also tackling these much-needed reforms.

The just concluded Benue gubernatorial election saw Fr. Alia emerge victorious at the polls. As collation of results continues, Kwande’s local government assembly election was rescheduled for a later date. Nonetheless, the sweeping victory of Fr. Alia is a testament to the support the people of Benue have for the APC, and this sets the foundations for a promising future for the state. The Kwande polls, when finally conducted, will determine the course of the state and the representation at the local level. While the prospect of waiting for these postponed elections may be tedious, it is a crucial part of the electoral process, and the outcomes will define the future of Benue.

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