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Atlantis Launchpad Presents Presale and Airdrop #3 of BRICS Coin ($BC) with a 50 Trillion BC Airdrop

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Atlantis Launchpad is thrilled to announce the opening of the Presale and Airdrop #3 of BRICS Coin ($BC). This event comes with the promise of a staggering 50 trillion BC airdrop, offering enthusiasts and investors an unparalleled opportunity.

Key Details of the Presale and Airdrop:

1. Eligibility: Anyone who has deposited between 50 to 50,000 USDT into their Atlantis Exchange – Global account can participate in the Presale and Airdrop of BC.

2. Start Date: The event commenced on September 13, 2023, at 7:30 PM, US Pacific Time.

3. End Date: You have until September 27, 2023, 11:00 PM, US Pacific Time, to take part in this exciting opportunity.

4. Starting Price: The initial price for BC is set at 0.0000004 USDT per BC.

5. Payment Currency: USDT

6. Official Purchase URL: Visit AtlantisCEX.com/ieo to buy BC and be part of this game-changing event.

7. Minimum Purchase: The minimum purchase amount is 50 million BC.

8. Maximum Purchase: For those aiming big, the maximum purchase limit is a whopping 500 billion BC.

9. Phase 3 Supply: A staggering 50 trillion BC will be available in this phase.

10. Slow-down Period: To ensure fair participation, there will be a 2-hour slowdown period between any two orders.

11. Secondary Market Trading: BC is confirmed to be listed on various exchanges after the completion of the 50 trillion BC airdrop.

Airdrop Schedule:

  • – Airdrop will conclude at the end of Phase 3 Presale.
  • – 1,000 lucky winners will be randomly selected from all three-phase purchasers of BC.
  • – These winners will share a mind-boggling 50 trillion BC at absolutely no cost.

BC Release Schedule:

  • – 1st Batch of BC: 10% will be released within 30 days.
  • – 2nd Batch of BC: 30% will be released within 60 days.
  • – 3rd Batch of BC: 30% will be released within 90 days.
  • – 4th Batch of BC: The final 30% will be released within 120 days.

What is Atlantis Exchange?

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