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Alex Jones has formally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

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Alex Jones, one of the most notorious figures in modern media, has formally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filings that were made public today were motivated by significant litigation against Jones and his media outlet Free Speech.

Jones’ need for bankruptcy protection was highlighted by the $1 billion decision obtained against him in the court action. Additionally, the news was released barely one month after Jones’ attorney claimed that the celebrity “wasn’t considering any personal bankruptcy.”

Few individuals are as polarizing as Alex Jones. a prominent figure in the conservative media who is renowned for his strong ideas and unrelenting advocacy of them. However, it was this unconventional thinking that gave rise to numerous lawsuits against the persona.

A jury ruling involving the legal action launched by the families of those killed in the Sandy Hook incident on December 12, 2012, was announced earlier this month. The slander case comes after Jones made devastating claims about the veracity of the tragedy.

In the end, the jury awarded the families $965 million in their favor. Additionally, Jone’s business, Free Speech Systems, has turned to bankruptcy mediation due to a lack of assets. That has now expanded to include Alex Jones filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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