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Classic Range Rover is transformed by Lunaz into a totally electric open-top with a maya blue exterior

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The Country, a fully electric open-top Range Rover created as a sailing yacht tender for a customer in Southampton, New York, was unveiled by UK-based restoration business Lunaz, which is renowned for converting legendary cars to electric powertrains.

The electric convertible honors its use near the seaside by paying homage to it with a brilliant Mayan Blue body and elegant black trim. Triangular steel sections were used to greatly reinforce the open automobile so it could hold the enhanced drivetrain and maintain stability even without a roof.

The Town, a vintage Land Rover Range Rover with closed seats and a two-tone paint finish in coral and high-gloss black, has also been released by Lunaz alongside the Country.


The Country has one striking difference from a regular two-door Range Rover: it is entirely open-top. The end result is a Safari model without a driver or passenger cover. Despite being largely used as a shuttle between the customer’s residence and his yacht, the interior has received a lot of care. Each veneer panel has a Mocca Walnut finish and a distinctive chevron pattern.

The Mocca Walnut flooring, a first for Lunaz, is fitted on the six-seater aft passenger deck and flows into a unique center console that contains chargers and a cooler. A strong, satin, weather-resistant finish is applied to the wood in machined, linear strips for a modern treatment.

A 360 horsepower and 450 pound-feet all-electric drivetrain has been added to the SUV, providing around 177% more power than the vehicle’s original V8 engine. The vehicle has also undergone a complete suspension repair, and the brakes have a regenerative feature that charges the battery when braking.

the Country is a fully electric open-top Range Rover clad in a eye-catching Mayan Blue color
all images courtesy of Lunaz

“The sharp increase in interest in clean-air classic Range Rovers is important proof of concept for Lunaz Design,” said one expert. The world’s most iconic vehicles may be made more relevant for future generations by being re-engineered, electrified, and upcycled, according to the market, according to David Lorenz, CEO of Lunaz (find more here).

We will keep raising the bar for classic automobile design, engineering, and craftsmanship, as well as the discipline and culture of upcycling, he continues, with the help of our Range Rovers by Lunaz and significant cars like the magnificent Town and Country commissions.


The ‘Town’ Range Rover vehicle will be 80% chauffeur driven and kept in Monaco, with a focus on rear-seat and driver comfort. Lunaz has used a number of major bespoke treatments for this design. Customers have asked, among other things, the incorporation of old clothing into the vehicle’s fabric palette, as well as seat covers produced from recycled marine plastic, in addition to more straightforward requests for customized exterior and interior colors.

The customer’s second home in Scotland served as inspiration for the interior’s color scheme of the long-wheelbase variant. The seats, which are all electrically controlled, heated, cooled, and have massaging features, have leather and durable box wool that echo the car’s rich minerals, warm oranges, and robust greens.

Walnut, which runs from the dashboard to the center console, was a particular sort of wood that the customer wanted for the Range Rover. The console itself has four watch winders, a separate water refrigerator, warming and cooling beverage containers, and wireless device charging. The buyer herself created the outside, which has a striking coral color and a jet-black roof.

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