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ZugaCoin Founder Chooses Charity Over Defending Against Scam Claims

Amid accusations of scam, Archbishop Sam Zuga, founder of ZugaCoin (ZGC), has decided to concentrate on charity works rather than defending himself. ZugaCoin is a cryptocurrency project aimed at reviving Africa’s economy by providing equity and investment funding for businesses.

Despite the criticism, some users are praising Zuga for his efforts to help those in need. Sarah Wonah, a ZugaCoin user, commended Zuga for his innovation and dedication to improving the lives of the less privileged in Africa.

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ZugaCoin’s unique approach to rebuilding Africa’s economy by becoming the continent’s first coin in equity and investment funding has received mixed reviews. Some people believe it is a scam, while others see it as a much-needed solution to the lack of financial resources available to start-ups and entrepreneurs in Africa.

Zuga has been advised not to be distracted by the accusations of scam and should rather continue to focus on his charity works. He is also advised to open the portal for withdrawal again for those who believe he is helping, as this may change the negative perception surrounding the project.

ZugaCoin’s goal is to give out loans to aid businesses and encourage investors, a task that is often difficult in Africa due to the lack of available financing options. By providing equity and investment funding, ZugaCoin hopes to stimulate the growth of small businesses in Africa and improve the overall economy of the continent.

While the accusations of scam continue to circulate, Zuga remains committed to his mission of helping the less privileged in Africa and rebuilding the continent’s economy. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and only time will tell if ZugaCoin’s innovative approach to funding will succeed in achieving its goal.


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