Uncertainty Looms over Naira’s Future as Exchange Rate Remains Volatile

In the black market of Lagos, Nigeria, the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Nigerian naira has been fluctuating. Today, on Sunday, April 23, 2023, the USD is being traded at ₦740, slightly lower than the opening rate of ₦741.

This exchange rate has been a cause of concern for many Nigerians as the value of the naira has been decreasing rapidly in recent months. Despite the measures taken by the Central Bank of Nigeria to stabilize the currency, such as injecting more dollars into the economy and increasing interest rates, the exchange rate in the black market remains volatile.

As the black market exchange rate is seen as a more reliable reflection of the actual value of the currency, many Nigerians resort to it for currency exchange instead of the official channels.

However, the exchange rate between the USD and the naira is expected to continue to fluctuate in the near future, despite the efforts of the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is because the value of the naira is closely tied to the price of oil, which is Nigeria’s primary export. A drop in oil prices could lead to a decrease in the value of the naira.

Nigerians are hoping for a more stable economic situation in the months to come, but this will require bold and decisive actions from the government and the Central Bank of Nigeria to address the underlying issues that cause the currency market’s instability.

Rebecca Ahoame

Written by Rebecca Ahoame

Rebecca is a Student of the Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa State, North-Central Nigeria. She has passion for writing and research. Rebecca writes for NewsWay on Business and Finance.

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