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Pi Network’s Epimall Extends Verification Process Amidst Surge in Orders

Terfa Ukende
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In response to an unprecedented influx of orders, Epimall, the cornerstone of the Pi Network Ecosystem’s digital shopping experience, has announced a delay in the verification process for customer orders. This announcement came via Epimall’s official Twitter handle, @epimall, where they cited the need to ensure a thorough and accurate verification process due to the recent surge in demand.

The tweet, issued on September 16, 2023, stated,

“Due to the surge of Orders, we are doing extended time to check and verify through Pi Blockchain Explorer all the logs. Please bear with us as @pi_ecard is also upgrading their UI for better user experience.”

This move by Epimall reflects the growing popularity and adoption of the Pi Network Ecosystem, which has been gaining momentum since its inception. The Pi Network, known for its unique approach to digital currency and blockchain technology, has garnered a dedicated user base eager to explore the various services offered within its ecosystem, including the digital mall provided by Epimall.

The decision to delay order verification highlights Epimall’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the transactions occurring on their platform. By leveraging the Pi Blockchain Explorer, Epimall aims to ensure that every order is meticulously examined and validated, reducing the risk of errors and providing customers with a secure shopping experience.

This move also coincides with a simultaneous upgrade being undertaken by @pi_ecard, another integral component of the Pi Network Ecosystem. The improvement in the user interface (UI) promises an enhanced and more seamless experience for users of the Pi Network and its affiliated services.

While the delay may be an inconvenience for some customers, it underscores the rapid growth and success of the Pi Network Ecosystem. Users and enthusiasts of Pi Network are advised to exercise patience during this period, as the delays are ultimately aimed at improving the overall shopping and user experience within the ecosystem.

Epimall has not provided a specific timeline for when order verifications will return to their usual pace, but the company assures its customers that they are working diligently to address the increased demand. In the meantime, users are encouraged to stay updated on developments through Epimall’s official Twitter account and other Pi Network channels.

As the Pi Network Ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, it is clear that the surge in demand for its services is reshaping the digital landscape. The commitment of platforms like Epimall to maintain quality and security in the face of this demand reflects the resilience and dedication of the Pi Network community. Continue Reading

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