Pi Network Mining App Resolves Technical Issue, Login Problem Fixed by Core Team

Users of the Pi Network mining App can now breathe a sigh of relief as the technical error that had been causing login problems has been resolved. @Pi_NewsG announced this morning that the issue has been fixed and users can once again start mining.

The Pi Network is a cryptocurrency that aims to make mining accessible to the masses by using smartphones as mining devices. The App has been gaining popularity, with over 35 million users worldwide.

However, the recent technical error had been causing frustration for many users who were unable to log in to the app and start mining. This was a cause for concern, especially with the halving of mining computing power that was set to take effect in January.

The halving of mining computing power is a measure taken by Pi Network to ensure a fair distribution of the cryptocurrency. It means that the amount of Pi that can be mined with a certain amount of computing power will be reduced by half. This is intended to prevent any single user from monopolizing the mining process and hoarding large amounts of Pi.

With the technical error now resolved, users can continue to mine Pi and earn rewards. The halving of mining computing power will also help to maintain the integrity of the Pi Network and ensure a fair distribution of the cryptocurrency.


Written by T.I Ukende

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